Financial Literacy Workshop For Women

Coming soon at the end of the month! Date and Time TBA. Join our mailing list by visiting our website and get the latest updates.

Whole Woman Network presents:

A Financial Literacy Workshop for women.

Join us at the Richmond Hill Central Library for an interactive, holistic and creative Financial Literacy Workshop for women.

Topics to be covered include:

-Building a solid Financial Foundation;

-RBA/CBA accounts – Relationship Bank Account/Character Bank Accounts;

-Understanding your Financial DNA;

-Saving Vs Investing;

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt;

-Common-sense Debt Management solutions;

-5 simple strategies to stop the leaks and grow your net worth;

-Living well NOW and in Retirement;

-Insurance as an effective Risk Management tool;

-Developing a personal Action-Plan.

Great, incredible $$ prizes! Fun networking! …and much more!


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido, co-founder Whole Woman Network


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