Events in November [week 4]: Info Session by Mike Nevin – Small to Mid-scale Composting on 1 Acre or Less

The event below is an EnvironBuzz initiative:

Mike Nevin,  Compost Facilitator at FoodShare Toronto has many years of experience educating people about how to reduce their carbon footprint through composting.

This information session is a preview of Mike’s presentation at the Guelph Organic Conference coming up in January 2012 at Guelph University.  The presentation will focus on the 5 factors that lead to a successful small to mid-scale composting.  The factors include:

a) Feedstock and inputs

b) Bulking agents,

c) Air/oxygen,

d) Moisture

e) Time & labor available

He will talk about process adaptation to accommodate whatever inputs you have; common challenges and solutions; Carbon to Nitrogen ratios of commonly available materials and answer any questions you might have.  There will be a discussion forum after the presentation to get audience feedback.

In addition to the information session, there will be a tour of Foodshare’s composting site, greenhouse and worm composting project. A bag of compost and a book : Wayne Robert’s “Get a life” will be given to the first 8 members that register to attend.

Event Details:

Date: Friday, December 2, 2011, 10:00 am

Location: FoodShare

90 Croatia Street , Toronto, ON (map)

For more event details about the event and for future events hosted by EnvironBuzz, click here.


EnvironBuzz is open to everyone interested in environmental and sustainability issues.

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