‘The Good Slippers’: a note for budding womEntrepreneurs.

The following post was written by the very creative Dana Goldstein as part of a Guest Blogging circle created by the York Region Small Business Club. The YRSBiz helps small businesses in York Region connect. Their goal is to provide free or low-cost opportunities for local businesses to connect and engage with each other and ultimately to help small businesses succeed.


My alarm clock – both internal and external – goes off at 6 am everyday.  Some days I am eager to get on with my life and other days I am exhausted beyond belief. I am just like everyone else who works, has a family and likes to socialize.

What makes me different is that everyday I get to follow my passion.  I love my work so much that it is never just a job. I’m not changing society or saving the planet, but some days I feel like I am doing something just as great.  Some days I am strapped to my desk with such a heavy workload that the only fresh air I get is when I pick my kids up at school.  Some days the phone doesn’t ring at all and I wonder when I will get my next client.  I make mistakes that require me to start from scratch.  I have gone beyond a client’s expectations and made someone cry tears of joy.  I have felt cold and isolated in the office, but I have also been grateful for some solitude.

For me, that is what life is like as an entrepreneur.

Good days and bad, challenging days and easy ones, early mornings and late nights: these are all part of the working life.  The difference for me is that I am working for my family and myself. The risks I take are family decisions, not corporate ones.  I don’t get a regular paycheck, but I can take an extra long lunch.  Some months there is enough money to make an extra payment on the credit card; sometimes there isn’t enough to cover my extra long lunch.

I happily accept it all because I am solely responsible for how much income I generate. Like everybody else, I get ready for work in the morning. I have good hair days and horrible hair days.  Sometimes I rediscover a favorite blouse in my closet; sometimes the blouse I really wanted to wear has a stain I didn’t notice before. I am confident about my work, but I may be nervous before a big meeting.

Lucky for me that I work from home and no one knows that I feel so great because I’m wearing my good slippers.


Dana Goldstein owns Digital Shoebox, a full-service media transfer business. Since 2005, Digital Shoebox has been creating custom DVD slide shows for small business, weddings, big birthdays and other special events. Dana’s slide shows can bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes all within the first 30 minutes of your video. You may contact Dana through the following channels:



Twitter: @digishoebox

Facebook: www.facebook.com/digishoebox

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