Healthy Eating Tips Towards a Healthier Life!

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Last month, Whole Woman Network had one of its seminar series hosted by Lorraine Powell, Certified Personal Chef and Cooking School Co-ordinator at Loblaws Great Foods. The guest speaker was Rowena, a registered dietician and in store nutritionist for Loblaws Great Foods. For those of you who missed this fun and insightful meet-up, here are some simple  tips and ideas she shared with the group on forming Healthy Eating Habits towards a Healthier Life:

HealthyEating#1: Having Coffee on an empty stomach is NOT a good idea!

HealthyEating #2: Do you love Peanut Butter? Choose those made with All Natural Roasted Peanuts. Also try SunFlower/ HazelNut/Avocado Butter!

HealthyEating #3: Want a good source of Probiotic to keep your digestive track super healthy? Try KEFIR (Tip: Mix 3 tsp w 1 cup of yoghurt)

HealthyEating #4: Your body needs at least 1500mg of OMEGA-3(It is great for the optimal development of  brain, helps boost skin radiance and also helps to lower cholesterol). Wild salmon and fish oil are great sources!

HealthyEating #5: Did you know that women in the 40-60 yrs age demographic(pretty much the age bracket of most WWN members) need at least 25g of fibres per day? Where are you getting your fibre from?

HealthyEating #6: Why should you consider Quinoa as part of your diet? Its 100% proteins and gives the same full feeling as eating white carbohydrates! A good alternative is Breadfruit (Ukwa).

HealthyEating #7: Looking for something crunchy and healthy 2 snack on? Try Celery Sticks! some fun tidbit: Celery’s almost 100% fibre!

HealthyEating #8: Some healthy cereal options- Barbara’s PUFFINS(Original/Cinnamon flavors) and All Bran Flakes(Mix it up with All Bran Sticks).

HealthyEating #9: Want to lose or maintain ur weight? Then each serving of cereal you eat should have less than 6g of sugar.

HealthyEating #10: Best Tip for today-Get yourself some Kale. You may steam it, eat it uncooked(salad) or as Kale chips(baked with a dash of olive oil).

HealthyEating #11: Did you know that even though KALE has similar anti-oxidants content as most veggies, it has the advantage of also having MORE calcium.

HealthyEating #12: A high fibre breakfast is a great and healthy way to kick start your day!

HealthyEating #13: Interested in weight management? Then make it a habit to have your breakfast within 30-45 mins of waking up.

HealthyEating #14: A healthy alternative to regular noodles? Try SHIRATAKI noodles (Found in most asian/organic grocery stores).

#HealthyEating #15: Still thinking of other fun and healthier alternatives? Instead of White Rice try Quinoa; instead of Spaghetti try Spaghetti Squash.

#HealthyEating #16: Did you know that 2 teaspoons of sugar = Approx 2 slices of bread?

HealthyEating #17: In order of Healthiest to least healthiest breads: 1) Whole grain (Best option)- 2)Multi grain- 3)Whole Wheat- 4)White bread!

HealthyEating #18: One of the healthiest whole grain bread choice is the Stone milled bread variety.

HealthyEating #19: A good guide to healthy eating? Try to eat foods with more colours-the more vibrant the better! Think tomatoes, red peppers, blue berries, celery, carrots etc Avoid too much ‘Whites’ because they are high in carbs and pretty much turn into sugars.

HealthyEating #20: Too much of everything is bad. For example, too much watermelon is NOT a good for your body because of the sugar content.

Beyond and above these great tips and ideas shared by Rowena, here are some practical guiding principles on Holistic Health & Weight Management as espoused by the wonderful women of WWN community:

-Learn to love who you are now and who you hope to become;

-Try to incorporate a physical activity or exercise routine. It may be walking, dancing, cycling, going to the gym etc

-As best as you can, avoid eating late into the night and always have a healthy snack(s) handy to assuage hunger pangs in between meals;

-Practice mindful grocery shopping and mindful eating ie be aware of what, when, where and how you eat. Be present! Make it a fun, sensual and spiritual exercise.

-Be very clear on why you want to be healthy (not flaky/vain reasons but link your reasons to family, quality of life etc); articulate and write down the little steps you will take to achieve your goals;

-Get together with people that share your goals and be accountable to each other;

-Take baby steps, the idea here is not to change overnight or go on a crash diet but rather to gradually ease into healthier lifestyle one day at a time.

-Do NOT diet. It never works in the long-term and may even make the situation worse. Look at the first three letter of the word (Die)t. Get the clue? Lol.!

Ladies, at Whole Woman Network, your dress sizes are not S(small), M(medium), L(large) or XL(extra large). Your authentic selves are sized: S(sexy/sensual), M(magnificent/majestic), L (luscious/lovely), XL (extra ‘look-at-me-i’m gorgeous’)! Take your pick.


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

© Whole Woman Network

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