An Interesting Wish List for Women at 40!

“There’s something magical about turning 40: It is the age when a woman realizes she’s divine: she’s one with her creator. She stops pleasing everyone else and begins to live on her own terms. It is when she stops being a crap magnet and sets her magnetic field to ‘zero tolerance for bullsh*t!’

She finally understands the mystery of intimacy: that a part of her soul, her essence, is either lost or shared, strengthened or diminished, healed or bruised and so she becomes very picky, because she knows that who she lets in can either beautifully complement or radically mess up her life!  She realizes that she doesn’t have to settle for crumbs and that being alone does not mean she’s lonely.

She enjoys her own company and basks in the beauty of silence, secret laughs and quiet conversations. She appreciates the blessings of having a few good friends who’ve been there and will BE there, regardless. This is the age of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of herself, of others, of life. It is the wonderful age when she begins L.I.V.I.N.G freely, meaningfully, passionately and beautifully.”

~(Excerpt from WWN’s Life Transformation Program: ’90 Days to a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU’)

There seems to be a universal fascination with turning 40, especially among women! It seems to be a pivotal age, that milestone when women acquire a special depth and level of wisdom, grace, confidence and success!

At Whole Woman Network, most of our members are in the 40+ demographic and so we decided to do a fun Q/A session with them and asked one simple question: ‘What’s the one wish you have for every woman at 40?’ These are some of their interesting responses:

1. To have gone up to the mountains, away from people and technology (literally and figuratively), and communed with her creator through a spiritual retreat, meditation, prayer and/or visit to a holy place. ~Olivia Z.

2. To have inner peace and be able to laugh at life and enjoy her own company. Also, to come to terms with and love her body. ~Uzo A.

3. To share life’s experiences and be a role model and mentor to at least one young girl, even if it is her daughter(s). ~Diana B.

4. To have experienced a mind-blowing, earth shattering orgasm! ~Rosalie I.

5. To have fallen deeply, totally and deliriously in love at least once. ~Ify N.

6. To have experienced a broken heart and be wiser, kinder and stronger for it. ~Oby P.

7. To own (at least) one of each type of precious stone/metal: Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gemstones. ~Mojghan A.

8. To own a piece of God’s own Earth (property or land) in her name. ~Anna P.

9. To visit a land where they speak a tongue she does not understand and to learn a different language. ~Ngozi U.

10. To come to peace with her Father. ~Zeenat A.

11. To have a new-found love, appreciation, respect and understanding for her Mother. ~Carol B.

12. To have achieved or be on the path of true financial independence and be in a position to give back to others. ~Ranti M.

13. To have the ability and freedom to take a break from work/life and take out time to pamper herself. ~Angela F.

14. To be committed to a cause, have reconnected with her alumni, have at least one hobby, learned a dance or trained in some sport(s). ~Fariba S.

15. To be blessed with at least one good friend, who’ll always be there, loyal and supportive through the ups and downs of life. Or better still, to be such a friend to someone else. ~Kelechi A.

Ladies, in a nutshell, enjoy your lives and be yourselves no matter what age you are. Like they say, ’40 is the new 20!’ Happy Birthday to everyone who turned 40 this month! In the words of the phenomenal Maya Angelou: “When I passed forty I dropped pretense, ’cause men like women who got some sense.”

What are your favourites on the wish list? Don’t forget to comment on our Facebook page. 

Love, Light & Truth!

❤ Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onydo
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