Daughter of Eve.

“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” ~Maya Angelou~

A poem dedicated to young ladies around the world. A message from my heart to yours: You are beautiful the way you are. The world may seek to tell you beauty 1differently but you are perfect, you are complete and you are enough. Do not give in to the pressure and trade the jewel of your femininity just to appear ‘cool’. Carry yourself like the queen you are. If he loves you, he will wait for you. Do not trade your body for the illusion of acceptance.

Love is love! It is not a barter or trade, it does not require bargaining. Some things will never be old and out of fashion: Integrity, Honor, Respect, Kindness, a loving Tongue, a curious Mind, an open Heart…adorn yourself with these most valuable and priceless accessories. Whatever happened in your past is part of your strength. You are not broken, you are whole and worthy!

Daughter of Eve.

He first saw her under a silvery moon
And stood transfixed watching from afar
He’d mustered enough courage to call upon her
But only by the next noon
For she was fair, as she was fine
Blessed with a pretty lone dimple and eyes that shine
With hidden dark mysteries of winter’s night
And the warmth of summer’s sunny delight
Height like an Amazon, a figure defying age
The kind that drove boys wild and their girls to rage
She was Eve’s daughter, and yet so shy
And like an angel, in innocence, she could fly.

She’s enthralled by him and he tells her tales
Words of flattery so sweet she fails
to see the spear that would fiercely pierce
her sweet nectar with razor-sharp speed
He had his fill and quenched a need
She had a bittersweet thrill and is left with his seed
And many moons after, all alone, she welcomes her daughter
And whenever there’s a silvery moonlight out in the sky
She holds her baby to her breasts and hums a haunting lullaby
Of a woman-child in the very beginning
Long, long ago before original sin
Who was fair as she was fine
With a pretty lone dimple and eyes that shine…

(c) ‘Kego Onyido

Enjoy this classic song/video from King Sunny Ade and the elegant stallion, Onyeka Onwenu:Wait For Me’

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