DAY 7: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

Maya“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” ~Maya Angelou~

Questions of the Day: What if you simply DECIDED that this would be your best month ever? What if you consciously mentored, trained, coached and channeled EVERY thought, word, action you take this month with total focus towards WHO and WHAT you want in your life, your relationships, your business, your workplace and your community?

What if you identified and then with awareness, moved away from all your old patterns that put you in a place of negativity, pain, anger, chaos, sadness, helplessness and poverty? What if you tried something new? Like sharing all the love and passion and talents you have within you with those who matter in your life? What does the best version of YOU look like? What does the best version of your life look like? Begin to pursue these versions…

As we round off the first week of our 30-day challenge, we hope you’re experiencing wonderful blessings, new insights and a renewed sense of peace. May you dwell in an atmosphere of miracles, of faith and of awesome possibilities. Imagine that this month is a brand new slate and it is your chance to start afresh, with all you’ve learned in your life so far. Celebrate all your awareness and see them as opportunities to grow and transform.

At the core of our transformational Training, Leadership and Coaching programs at Whole Woman Network, are principles of Self-Love, Self-Accountability and Self-Leadership. You have the unique gift and ability to co-create your life and design your destiny with God. Own it!

WWN Reflection DAY 7: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

YOU have the power to co-create your destiny. I don’t say this lightly, again I repeat: YOU have the power to co-create your destiny! It is your God-given right and it is a free gift. You were born a leader but you must take responsibility for your life and ALWAYS strive to rise above the ‘crowd’ of ‘follow-follow’ mentality. The more original, authentic and aligned your thoughts, words and actions are, the more you will draw the right people and opportunities to you. People will buy whatever service or product you’re selling because it will come from an authentic place. You may fall many times, however, your strength lies in your ability to rise, dust it all off and continue on your path. Focus on the moment at hand and focus on the step you must take! “Take the next step and the path will reveal itself.” ~James MacNeil~

The world needs more ‘POSITIVE and AUTHENTIC Ambassadors.’ Are you ready to take your spot? This month, I challenge you to dwell on ALL that is good, unique, wonderful and unique about you. Focus on the fantastic things that have happened to you all your life thus far. Stop fighting for or justifying your limitations. You may get to be ‘right’, however, do you get to be joyous, healthy and prosperous? Focus on the learnings from challenging situations. Fuse these wonderful memories together and use them as an armour against all the negatives the world throws your way. The only reasons pain exists is to get your attention about what’s really important in your life and to give you the tools to empathize and empower others.

lonelinessWe are all connected. We are unique individuals and also part of a beautiful whole. We all face the SAME triumphs and challenges manifested in different forms. Until you can FEEL another’s pains, mistakes, challenges and betrayals and STILL ‘see’ them through eyes of love, you will continue to be held captive by your own walls.

You are so much stronger than your wildest imagination. Whatever the situation or circumstance you’re presently in, dig deep within you to find the strength within. The strength is within your soul, a living part of you that is way bigger than whatever challenge you face now or will ever face tomorrow. It transcends space and time. Your responsibility is to take the time to discover and know yourself better each day and also to sharpen your senses and ability to cope with whatever hand life deals you. The one thing that’s constant is that life comes with uncertainties, if not it wouldn’t be life.

Marcel proustYour relationships are keys to the quality of your existence and experience of the world. It starts with an intimate relationship with God, your creator and also an honest and deep relationship with yourself. Everything else flows from this. The foundation of our coping mechanism is determined to a large extent by the nature of our relationships with those in our closest circle.

Learn to set healthy boundaries and make peace with your parents, siblings, colleagues, spouses and children. We are social beings and are hard-wired to seek connection. Connect with others in a healthy way. Allow love to breathe in your relationships, avoid suffocating your primary relationships with guilt, shame, anger, hurt, pain and fault-finding. Change your lens and dare to ‘see’ yourself and your world in a beautiful, brand new light! YOU are responsible for how you exchange value with others around you. Are you a source of drain or empowerment? Are you cognizant of those who drain or uplift you?

I love this deeply layered quote below from Master Mentor, Coach and Trainer, Ernie Pavan:

“Relationships with Spouses (existing and/or ex) and Closest Family Members, Colleagues & Friends, are our biggest opportunities for transformation. 

In the world of perception is projection, they become OR represent our deepest, innermost pains, fears, challenges, nightmares (or luckily, our goals and dreams), manifested alive.
So become more present. Pay ATTENTION to your life!

We come together, not by accident, but rather through a deliberate divine synchronism, to perhaps celebrate, share, heal, create, connect, build, unlock or become aware of something important in our lifetime. 

Fix your pain and life will open up. If you’re willing to find and solve your pain, you will find your power, passion, purpose, profit and path. The reason your pain exists is to draw your attention to something important for your growth and to increase your ability to become a beacon of light for others around you.”
~ Ernie Pavan, Co-Founder, Human Potential International, HPI~

Give yourself permission to love yourself and make mistakes. This allows you to have room in your heart to love and be kind to others. Your quality of life is tied to your capacity for love. To love is always a choice! No one can break your spirit without your cooperation. The secret is to constantly seek the essence of the creator within you. You will achieve everything you set your heart on as long as you seek it from a place of  surrender, truth, humility and incredible focus.Smile

FORGIVENESS and ACCEPTANCE are twin-gifts we give to ourselves and those around us so that we can heal our seemingly fractured hearts and live full, whole lives. ‘Heaven on earth’ is the metaphor for a paradise we create through our personal approach and mindset, despite whatever ‘hell’ the harsh realities of life throw at us.

Your heaven is INSIDE of you. You CANNOT get it from things, titles, possessions or other people. It is an eternal spring that’s already there in you and your life’s purpose is to find it and share it with those around you, every day, in every single thing you do. You already have enough. You are enough. And should you need or want more, you have the unique ability and talent to create it. This is the heart of the master-frame of Co-creation.

Your purpose in life is not to ‘GET’, your purpose is simply to ‘GIVE’, ‘SHARE’ and ‘EXCHANGE VALUE’ with others. In the pursuit of your purpose, there will be pain, mistakes and storms, that’s simply life happening. It is in the oscillating patterns of highs and lows that your character is formed.

Pay particular attention to your ‘lows’, because if you allow it, these are the periods for extraordinary growth and transformation. Like a seed, we die first, in order to germinate, grow and bloom. Life is not meant to be perfect. Life is meant to be LIVED. The twin mystery and beauty of life is that it is IS and we are to simply BE. Life does not ‘happen’ to us, we are constantly co-creating and unveiling the life that unfolds. Yes, we are that powerful! We are, after all, children of a loving and powerful Creator.

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Juliet Ume in polka dot topThe preceding is a guest post from Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, MBA –Co-Founder and Executive Director of Whole Woman Network. Juliet is the author of the upcoming books: “UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership”  and “Today, I Will Not Bow”.  A self-described Life-Connoisseur, who loves life and the whole human experience, Juliet was nicknamed a ‘reminderist’,  [one who reminds us of that which we already know; that we are not fractured or broken and NOW is the perfect time to replace that fallacy with a new, beautiful truth: we are worthy, complete, whole and our life journey is to return to wholeness]!

Her message is simply: “To use the power of written-spoken-sung WORDS to connect, heal, empower, change and transform our inner and outer worlds. Words have power in the meaning and interpretation we choose to give them and all of life is synchronistic poetry in motion! Are you telling empowering stories about yourself and others?” 

She is a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Leadership, Investment & Financial Literacy for women and youth (especially girls). Her mission is simply to engage, educate and empower women, regardless of their levels of income or background, to return to ‘wholeness’ and live Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier Lives using Faith-based, Scientific and Universal (Common-Sense) principles! Follow her on Twitter: @wholewomaninc, @julietumeinc. Enjoy some of her portfolio of poems on her Floetry Blog and follow her daily reflective posts on Facebook.

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