‘Winning the NLNG prize has changed my life’

Congratulations Chika Unigwe!

Moonchild's Temple

On the sidelines of the Port Harcourt Book festival, I caught up with festival headliner, Chika Unigwe, and engaged her in this interview where she talked about her life after winning the coveted NLNG prize. She spoke also on other sundry issues.
How has life been since the NLNG prize?
How has life been? It’s been a lot easier to convince other people that writing is a serious business and that’s what winning a big prize always does. Suddenly people who help baby sit your kids so you can go and gallivant round the world and do things start taking you seriously. It’s been such a great honour to be recognised in my country. Of everything I would want to win, the NLNG was top of the list simply because it is something from Nigeria. It’s been nice coming back to Nigeria as a writer some people have heard of…

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