Save the Date: January 30th. Join us for a Quantum Goal-Setting Session!

real decisionDid you know that by January 15th, more than 68% of all New Year Resolutions in 2013 were already broken? (Source: BusinessNews Daily).

Do you struggle with keeping your resolutions or goals? Do you feel stuck in particular area(s) of your life? Do you see yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns in life, work and/or business?

Do you hear your inner voice whispering that you can BE and DO so much more in life? Are you inspired but do not know how to channel or monetize your passion? Are you ready to do something radically different in order to get different results?

Then, simply decide now to take ACTION and join us for a powerful and transformational Quantum Goal-Setting Session. This is beyond making SMART goals. Come and let’s share and learn top proven tools and strategies, developed in the Human Potential Industry, used successfully by top leaders, artists, change-agents…., all around the world!

Join us on January 30th for an experiential learning session on the following:

1. Discover the 3 main reasons why new year resolutions fail (It’s not your fault, it’s all biology!)

2. Understand the relationship between your limiting beliefs and your (in)ability to achieve your goals;

3. Uncover the unconscious survival programs you are running that prevent you from achieving your goals;

4. Learn why ‘SELF-WILL’ is not enough and the 3 proven strategies REQUIRED for any goal to manifest;

5. Gain mastery of your past, present and future time-lines and the proven process to reverse-engineer your goals;

6. Gain new insights and experience the power of the ‘I AM’ goal-setting process

7. Practice the art and science of modelling excellence. ( A fun, interactive and life-changing group exercise designed to shift you instantly and GUARANTEED to give you results in any chosen area of life!
……And so much more.

Here’s a fun social, behavioural and neuro-science tidbit:

All learning, change, behaviour are UN-conscious. Your conscious mind is the ‘goal-setter’ while your unconscious mind is the ‘go-getter’! In order to achieve your goals and have meaningful/ sustainable change, you need to have ALL the different PARTS of you on board.

actionLet’s pattern-interrupt your old habits and get you off to a wonderful start in 2014. Remember, until you lead and transform yourself, it is futile to attempt to lead others.

And you are either COMMITTED about your personal growth or you are serious about pretending to change and grow. Either choice takes commitment; it’s your call. Take ACTION today and transform your world!

See you on Thursday, January 30th at 10 am at the Richmond Hill Country Club. (RSVP by January 15th). This is our first seminar for the year and it’s complimentary. (Valued at $497!)

Click here to Register:

Live passionately, purposefully and powerfully.

Take empowered ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU!

© Whole Woman Network

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