Month 2 – A Fitness Journey: Staying the Course …

Dear members of WWN community,

One month ago, when I embarked on this journey, I knew it would not be an easy one. Ladies, was I ever right!!!! I went to the Good Life fitness centre at Hillcrest mall on the next day. After just 5 minutes on the elliptical, I felt like I was literally coming apart. All my joints ached and my heart rate was just very far from normal.

I actually entertained the thoughts of calling it quits and sticking to my usual exercise routine; one-hour walks in the mall (when the weather’s really hot or on the streets(on those cool mornings/evenings).  Two things stopped me: The first reason was that I remembered what Christina(an amazing staff of  the gym who’d signed me up) had said to me about adding all the other elements-weights, aerobics, cardio, etc.

I have always been an advocate of children especially teenagers eating healthy and living active lifestyles. So, I must confess that the second huge reason why I didn’t give in and abandon the gym was that it was packed full with teenagers. (GoodLife Fitness has an amazing summer program where teens get to use the gym for free and that particular location had over 1,100 teens registered as participants).

I know this for a fact; my teenage daughter registered too and a lot of her friends were there.  So, the fact that some of those teens knew me personally and would notice that I exercised for only 5 mins! was enough to spur me on and keep going. And exercise I did, for one full hour!!!

The next day was a bruiser because I woke up with aches and pains every where on my body but I also felt a sense of deep accomplishment.  I went to the gym again and same thing on the next day and so on for the next 10 days….So here I am, ten days later. I feel more energectic, I’m definitely sleeping better, working more productively and best of all-I’ve burnt five pounds (5 lbs) and still counting.

Remarkable enough, just the fact that I exercise everyday just seems to automatically trigger a better and healthier eating lifestyle for me. I’m suddenly drinking only water and tea (decaff),  no pop, coffee… taking lots of fruits and vegetables, I’m eating whole grain bread and pasta (Still working on the rice thing, cos I loooove my rice-fried, jollof, coconut, white, curried…hmmmmn. One step at a time!

I’m going to be meeting with my doctor (the amazing Dr Mary Caracoglia of Women’s Health Center in Oak Ridges), to work out the right food and fruits to eat, the right vitamins for my age,…I just think its better to be well informed and educated about my options cos I don’t want all my hard work at the gym to get wiped off by the wrong stuff going into my mouth!

P.S: Oh yeah, and by the way, I rewarded myself with a beautiful Pulicati Bag and BCBG cocktail ring. A girl’s got to stay motivated somehow, right? 🙂 Lol.

A Year From NowIs there an area of your life you wish to transform? Is your health, weight, overall level of fitness and well-being at a level you wish to improve upon? Health is wealth! Decide today to start making incremental changes.

And every once in a while, shake things up and take a HUGE unexpected step that will stretch you (run a marathon or walkathon, register for a group dance program, participate in a holistic cleanse etc.) Nothing changes if nothing changes. Talk is very cheap, calibrate on your action. TAKE ACTION! Have an awesome week!

So talk to you all again in a month! Share your fitness stories- your successes and challenges in your journey. Remember, the destination is not the real deal, rather, it is the person you transform into during your journey! Join the conversation on our Facebook Page.

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Month 1 – A Fitness Journey: it starts with a single step


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

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