Live in the GTA? Join the Richmond Hill Women’s Networking Association (RHWNA) on Sunday, March 23rd at 7pm

Do you live in the GTA? Are you a woman in business or professional services? Join the Richmond Hill Women Networking Association (RHWNA) on Sunday, March 23rd at 7pm – 8pm.  Venue: 171 Major MacKenzie Drive West Richmond Hill (York Regional Police – Community Room).

Mr. David Bigelow, the business Development Manager for the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce will address the group for the first 15 – 20 minutes. The networking session follows right after. Come out and connect with other like-minded, fabulous and dynamic entrepreneurial women in the community. This meeting is open to the general public and it’s COMPLIMENTARY!!

For more information, contact Juliet at



Our mission is to create a collaborative, caring and committed community of women entrepreneurs and professionals, with a unique approach to networking and socializing. We are focused on empowering our members through strategic branding & marketing of their expertise, products & services; personal & business development sessions; leveraging our collective power by participating at events as a group; volunteering and undertaking pivotal projects & causes that transform our communities.



1. In addition to attending different networking meetings and exchanging business cards, do you also want to collaborate synergistically with others?

2. Do you want to learn how to create deep rapport, monetize your connections and build your business?

3. Are you interested in gaining more visibility in your community and attracting your ideal clients?

4. Do you want to become a part of a group of professional women and business owners who are truly passionate about supporting one another?

5. Are you ready to become part of a community that’s committed to sharing new industry-leading trends, best practices and strategies in business, leadership, marketing and sales?

6. Are you ready to start growing your business by working ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your ‘busy-ness’?

7. Are you inspired and passionate about a cause but do not know how to implement your idea?

8. Do you seek to leverage the power and strength of a committed group of women who are passionate about their purpose, path and profit?

9. Are you serious about taking action and moving your business to a whole new level by being and sharing who you are, while selling with your unique signature; with more clarity, power, passion, purpose and authenticity?

10. Do you want to be a part of a community where members meaningfully connect, share and exchange value with one another?

11. Do you wish to experience transformational presentation techniques, learn unique sales and marketing skills, and position yourself as someone who adds first-class value and delivers excellent solutions?

12. Do you want to empower yourself in both work and life, while having lots of fun and excitement along the way?

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