Month 4 – A Fitness Journey: Thoughts, Acts, Habits, Character

A few months ago, I finally took a proactive step on my journey to physical fitness. Like a lot of women who struggle with keeping to a regular exercise regime and predominantly healthy diet, I hit a plateau in the last few weeks. I had a change of schedule in my week and all the old bad habits (and all their associated excuses), just started creeping back: Stopped going to the gym (no time to exercise), eating junk and unhealthy food (too much stress in preparing healthy alternatives),….

Naturally, the initial effects of my poor choices started showing. The physical universe never, ever lies! A migraine to set things off and then lack of sleep over the weekend. Then of course, there’s the tiredness, lack of energy and general feeling of crankiness!! So this morning, I decided to hold my self accountable and get back on track.

I watched a few Tony Robbins videos on YouTube that talked about the power of choice and how ultimately the choices we make are the the main deciders of our destiny. So ‘decision’ is the ultimate power. I learnt also that resources (or lack of) are mere tools (or excuses) why we succeed or fail. On the other hand, resourcefulness (what you do with what you do have or don’t have), is your key to your destiny, whatever that may be.

If we can get the true emotions behind our stories, we can get pretty much anything in life. Emotional and psychological fitness drives other areas of fitness.  So our job is to understand and appreciate what drives us and other people around us. A simple loop with a tripod of key attributes helps to shape our  THOUGHTS-ACTS-HABITS-CHARACTER.

This tripod is made up of:

1. Target (what are our goals?)

2. Map (How do we get there, ie how do we achieve our goals?)

3. Emotions (what we need to unlock to make the journey meaningful?)

This tripod shapes our thoughts, our actions, habits and interweave to form our character and who we are in our different spaces (Physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social). Our aim is to have seamless consistency in all of these spaces. Most often, what we have in reality is a dissonance and this disconnect  is at the the root of our feelings of pain, helplessness, failure, depression, anger, anxiety etc

So as I continue on my fitness journey, I am now more aware of salient underlying issues that I must uncover and resolve. We will share the final outcome of this journey by with pictures of my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. There are other women in the Whole Woman Network group on the same journey with me. So, we’ll all keep sharing our experiences on WWN Facebook Group page, and please, do continue to send in your weekly email updates or questions to or One of our experienced subject matter experts (health and wellness) will connect with you and share their insights.

Good luck ladies and continue to take ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU!

Note: Our next fitness goal in the next quarter is Financial Fitness! We’ll keep all members updated by email on the Financial Literacy seminar series. Send your questions and areas of interest by email.. Pass the word because we are on a long-term mission to get Women to take more control about their personal finance and investing choices.

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Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

Juliet Ume, co-founder, Whole Woman Network

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