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Fare Thee Well Teacher, Mentor, Poet, Seeker, Wise One, Phenomenal Maya Angelou

StoryYou do not mourn a caged bird who’s finally flown away to the heavenly skies, singing her eternal, rhythmic song with beautiful abandon.

You do not mourn a life-long seeker who’s found and generously shared her soul’s truth with the whole world.

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Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day Whole Woman NetworkHappy Victoria Day everyone!  In my books, any opportunity to have a holiday and spend some quality time with loved ones is ALWAYS a good thing and welcome idea.

So thank you Queen Victoria! 🙂 What’s not to love about fireworks, shopping, dinning out, going to the movies and having a relaxing day with family and friends?

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Month 5 – A Fitness Journey: Your Weight Is Important!

weightYour Weight Is Important: Guide to Behavior Change

(Source: Article Culled From National Blood, Lung and Heart Institute)

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