Ladies, Top 10 Reasons why Walking is Good for You!!

One of the flagship programs of the Whole Woman Network is  ‘Healthy Steps: A Community Walking Club’. We all know the benefits of exercising regularly and we are also aware of the challenges women face with respect to the required resources:  creating the time, having the available funds for gym memberships, developing the willpower and most importantly maintaining the consistency of an exercise routine.

And so, when we decided to choose an activity to help our members develop and/or maintain good health, we wanted something that would neutralize their previous challenges and also be fun and engaging.


WALKING was the clear choice. It is an activity that 99% of the population engages in, consciously or not. It a natural part of daily living and so we just sought to formalize the process and create a certain degree of awareness about it. This led to the birth of our community walking club.

So if you are still sitting on the fence about joining our walking club or starting one in your neighbourhood, here are the top 10 reasons to have a rethink!

Top 10 Reasons Why Walking is Good for You:

1. It is an easy, no cost, convenient way to: burn calories, work off extra weight and maintain your ideal weight. In addition to that, walking is also an effective way to maintain your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index);

2.  Walking is a great way to overcome sleeplessness (insomnia), restlessness and headaches/migraines. Start sleeping soundly again, your body needs it;

3. ‘Group walking’ such as our ‘Healthy Steps: A Community Walking Club’ or ‘Buddy walking’ with a friend, colleague or pet is a great form of meaningful networking and socializing. It also creates an accountability loop because you have a support system that you are mutually dependent and answerable to;

4. It is a great way to relieve tension and also acts as a wonderful stress management activity;

5. It improves your mood and decreases the risk of depression; walking also reduces your overall cholesterol and at the same time increases High Density Lipo-protein (HDL), also called ‘Good cholesterol‘.

6. Walking is a preventative remedy-it helps to boost your body’s natural immunity and builds up your endurance and stamina;

7. Walking is a holistic activity-it allows you time for personal reflection, meditation, prayers and overall socio-emotional and spiritual  fitness;

8. Walking improves your overall health and reduces the risks of cancers (breast and colon), blood pressure, diabetes, heart and stroke diseases;

9. It affords you an opportunity to connect with nature; get some fresh air away from the staleness of an office cubicle or the dryness of staying indoors. This is particularly important if you have a busy lifestyle as it is great for rejuvenating the brain cells because it helps to release those ‘feel good’ hormones (serotonin) and is great  for your creativity and mental alertness (The late Steve Jobs claimed to have had some of his best creative ideas during solitary walks);

10. Ladies, this can be a great bonding time with your spouses. Have a special day(s) and times when you walk together and use it to de-stress and reconnect. It’s like a date,  only you’re both on the move! There’s nothing more romantic than taking a casual stroll or brisk walk with a loved one, engage in fun /deep conversation, bask in meaningful silence and after your walk, an opportunity to get all that sweat off by……(please, fill in the blanks)! By the way, did you know that numerous medical studies have shown that walking reduces Erectile Dysfunction among men? Hmmm… it may not be so difficult to convince him with a compelling reason to come along with you after

So ladies, get out those track suits and running shoes and let’s get walking to longer and healthier lives!!!

P.S: Contact us at for our group walking locations/schedules or to start a walking club in your community.

Visit WWN’s Website for links to other walking clubs in the community.

Sources: Harvard Teaching Hospital Beth Israel Medical Centre; Readers Digest; Canadian Medical Association journal…..


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

Whole Woman Network

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