#CelebratingWomenWhoDare |Leah Karimi: WWN Entrepreneurial & Community Leadership Spotlight!

Financial Literacy Month Whole Woman Network

 “When a woman has knowledge which is power, it impacts and benefits the whole family.  I’m maximizing my potential and I started doing so at the age of 21. I believe that once the women realize the potential they have and maximize it, then we will have successful homes, communities and countries. It is my calling to reach as many women and people, in general, as I can. Together, we can make poverty become something of the past.” ~Leah Karimi~

November is Financial Literacy Month and so who better to be the focus of Whole Woman Network’s Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman (W.OW) spotlight than Leah Karimi!


Leah KarimiLeah Karimi, is a Personal Finance Writer, an Author, a Coach, and a Blogger, who has been writing about personal finance for many years.

Previously, Leah wrote for the Standard Newspapers: Shillings and Sense, on a weekly basis and she also shares a Financial Journal on personal finance topics. She authored the personal finance book: Get Rich By Making the Most of Your Money.


She was recently featured by Saturday Nation newspaper. Here’s an excerpt from that spotlight: “When Leah Karimi looks back at her life over the past eight years, she knows this mantra is true: ‘Whatever pain assails man turns out, in most cases, to be his stepping stone to greatness’.”


This 30-year-old mother of two has certainly learned a lot from her personal financial mistakes, and turned that into a book that has so far sold over 8, 000 copies.… Read more about her by clicking here: Lessons From Failure by Leah Karimi 


And also click on this link to read the review of her book on Saturday Nation Newspaper: Leah Karimi’s Book Review

In Leah’s own words: “Everyone’s economic and life situation is unique, and I keep that in mind when providing personal financial advice or coaching.

I understand my clients are in different stages of life. I believe a personal financial plan must reflect your personal or business situation, and so we will work to highlight the financial products and services that best fit your goals.”

If you ever have questions about specific personal financial matters, contact Leah via email at: leahkarimi@gmail.com.

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