2015 is finally here! A very Joyous, Blessed & Adventurous New Year.

Happy New Year WWNFIFTEEN wishes and prayers for you in 2015!

1. FUN and joy in everything you do;

2. INSPIRATION to create and live your passions;

3. FOLLOW and trust your intuition with faith;

4. THANKFULNESS for both the big and small things;

5. EXPERIENTIAL knowledge (better known as WISDOM); 

6. EXPECTATION and hope, regardless of your circumstance;

7. NEW LENS and perspectives to see your life in a brand, new empowering light!

8. Make 2015 the year you take personal RESPONSIBILITY for your life; own your awesomeness and also your crap!  You are a CO-CREATOR with God, OWN it! Everything is possible, period!

9. Learn to dis-connect to connect. Enter the co-creative zone and ask yourself: How can it be done? Who and what are the resources I have? Make this your year of boldness, power and courage;

10. Become more RESILIENT, you’re made of stronger and sterner stuff! Stop blaming, justifying, excusing the sh*t in your life by pointing fingers outwards. Reach out and form SYNERGIES with others;

11. You do less judging, castigating and condemning and embrace more FORGIVING, ACCEPTING and EMPATHIZING. It’s life, we’re all basically going through the same challenges, they just show up in different colours;

12. You understand that are a reflection of everyone around you, live in ‘learning state’; be open to growing and learning from others. Embrace your humanity and celebrate your divinity. It’s all YOU!

13. Create ‘ME time’ for yourself. Recharge and refuel your senses often. Look inwards, you have the power to reset your internal thermostat in all areas of your life: energetic, social, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial…

14. I wish and hope that you become more PRESENT in your own life. That you take time to reflect upon, revisit and renew all your relationships/roles (as a Father, Wife, Husband, Mother, Daughter, Son, Niece, Nephew,  Sibling, In-Law, Aunt, Uncle, Co-worker, Employee, Employer, Business Partner, Friend, Citizen….).

That you become more adventurous and daring; to let go of who and what no longer serves your higher purpose and destiny. And that you consciously make room for those people and things that truly bless and enrich your mind, body, soul and spirit;

15.  I pray that you embrace the power of SILENCE, the beauty of STILLNESS, and enjoy the magic of NOW because life is simply a series of synchronised NOWs! This 2015, I hope and pray you’ll celebrate life and live fully in the moment, while choosing love as your ultimate master-frame.

May 2015 be a Happy, Healthy, Sexy, Wealthy, Purposeful and Blessed Year!

Love and Warmest Regards,

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

(On behalf of the WWN Team)

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