Postcards from Africa #2: “This is not the Nigeria they fought for…” by Alexx Ekubo

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[The post below was written by Nigerian actor and media personality, Alexx Ekubo on the current political situation in Nigeria. It was culled from his Instagram Page, reformatted and posted here (along with his picture), with his explicit permission. Thanks a lot Alexx! And yes, he confirmed his name is actually spelled with two ‘xx’. 🙂

‘Have you seen my Childhood? By Alexx Ekubo

10488796_722521301141191_106242688_aI miss growing up, I miss the Good Old days and  the things that made it the “Good Old days”. Simple things like the peace in my country. I’m from Abia State, born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, bred in Lagos, schooled in Katsina and lived in Kano. I attended University in Calabar, in Cross River State. I travelled the length and breadth of Nigeria without the fear of a bomb explosion or being kidnapped!

Now I can’t even go and drink sweet natural palm wine and eat Ugba in my village for fear of my safety. I’m typing this with tears in my eyes wondering why my brothers (who haven’t met me yet to discover what a fun guy I am), would want me dead! All simply because I’m from a different ethnic group and/or because I worship the same God, but under a different building.

Growing up, when I watched the wars in other countries on CNN, I’d asked my dad: “Daddy why are they killing each other?”
Even as a boy, it didn’t make sense to me! I didn’t realize that years later, a little white boy in America would watch the display of my brothers and I, and ask his dad the same question.

To which his dad would maybe dismiss with the wave of a hand or a shrug and continue pouring milk in his cereal, unperturbed and oblivious. Not knowing that in the time that had lapsed between the question being asked and the last drop of milk hitting the cereal bowl, I would have lost a number of my unmet family members in yet another senseless bomb explosion!

Surely my “Father” the great Nnamdi Azikwe and my Uncles, Tafawa Balewa and Awolowo, are all rolling in their graves right now! For this is NOT the Nigeria they fought for. Every time we kill a Nigerian child, we kill a future Inventor, World Leader, Movie or Music Star….

Let us take a moment to reflect and remember the simple things that made us happy in the “Good old days”. Let us restore our glory as the pride and giant of Africa. A warning to any Man or Woman who’ll gives me a gun this coming Election to go and kill my Brothers: If you will not join me in arms or identify your blood children in the battle front, my action will be to take the gun and shoot your left leg so that you can crawl back to your fellow elders and tell them my brothers and I have had enough, we are wiser now!!

When our past is looking brighter than our Future, I look up with tears in my eyes and ask: ‘HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD?’ #EnoughIsEnough #BringBackMyChildhood #VoteNotFight!!’

-Alexx Ekubo, self-described “Method Actor”. [Contact him by Email: Follow him on Twitter:]


Blogger’s Note:

Often, people ask me why I still feel incredibly hopeful about Nigeria and indeed Africa, our motherland? I guess it’s because, regardless of the stories of woes, corruption, inept leadership, wars and terrorism, I feel, hear and see HOPE and FAITH in action, by ordinary people, every single day…

On conference calls, seminars, workshops, social media platforms, they are raising their voices through their talents, skills and abilities – Young, dynamic, resilient, resourceful and empowered men, women and youth, few in number, but unbreakable in their desire and commitment to creating sustainable change all over Africa.

They hunger and thirst for transformation, they no longer blame or wait for their ‘leaders’, they’re taking their destiny in their hands, changing the landscape, one idea, one project, one community at a time!

Their blood runs with a beautiful mix of idealism and pragmatism, faith and action, discontented with the present reality, yet patiently wise in their approach. They are united in their vision and mission, fiercely protective of their dreams and goals, whole-heartedly committed and passionate that WE can change the narrative! Are you one of them?

I’ve always believed that people get exactly the kind of leadership they deserve and are ready for. Perhaps the fact that our society is now on a dangerous trajectory based on the failing of those we entrusted with leading us, is the needed wake-up call for us to change the narrative and begin the arduous task of building up an #EmpoweredCitizenry. Collectively, we create the society and/or leaders of our dreams (or nightmares). If we start now, armed with a compelling vision of the future we want to create, full commitment and incremental, phased out implementation, it is possible to raise a new generation of visionary leaders and empowered followers over the next 10 to 25 years.

It is either that OR we shush and continue with the status quo. In a nation with the majority as youth, it is doable. It is POSSIBLE! DECIDE and take Empowered ACTION today! Get together with like-minded people in your  homes, places of worship, at work etc. Synergize resources, volunteering and give back mindset, ability to pick up one cause or idea, stay focused and run with it, creatively thinking up new solutions, developing a clear strategic intent, taking consistent steps…these are the building blocks for sustainable transformation. This is the era of the empowered citizen. Today, I’d like to share an inspiring and insightful post by one of such youth who are asking questions and challenging the status quo. #BecomeAnEmpoweredCitizen.

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-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, MBA (

Poet | Master-Certified Leadership Coach-Trainer -Consultant|

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Whole Woman Network

Raising a New Generation of Empowered, Transformational & Creative African Leaders


~Take empowered ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU!~

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