Postcards from Africa #3. Cannon Fodder by Author Yejide Kilanko


In the wake of the postponement of Nigeria’s general elections, we bring you this thought-provoking piece by Nigerian-born author Yejide Kilanko (Daughters Who Walk this Path). Collectively, we co-create the society of our dreams (or nightmares). The era of sitting on the fence is over.

Let’s begin to revisit our beliefs and value system, hold both ourselves and our leaders accountable and thus, change the narrative. Enjoy Yejide’s piece below and be social: Read | Comment | Share | 🙂

Cyber-hugs, Juliet



Cannon Fodder

In a luxurious boardroom, far away from heated battlefields orchestrated for personal and political gains, sat our nation’s relaxed leaders.

These big boys and big girls had gathered for a revenue sharing meeting. For right in their midst, was the coveted national pot of petroleum coated coins.

Their dessert of choice, the green and white national cake, was long gone. The only evidence of its former existence, once buttery crumbs, laid forgotten in tight corners.

Although their caps, head-gears, turbans, clerical collars and tribal marks reflected the diverse nation they claimed to serve, their faces were marred by the same distinct look of greed.

So, while these leaders with no vision or integrity lined pockets with misappropriated coins, out on the battlefields, their fellow citizens were soaking the nation’s soil with their blood.

Dying in the name of tribe and religion, for a handful of rice, for a corrupted pledge of better tomorrows. Not realizing their ascribed designation was mere cannon fodder.

With bulging eyes, thin arms brandishing machetes and guns, they had become objects whose strings were being manipulated by grand master puppeteers laughing at their foolishness.

Laughing at the malleable, expendable, unfortunate characters fervently acting out roles in a long running tragedy for which they had never auditioned.

Yejide Kilanko © 2015


Author Bio:

Yejide Kilanko AuthorBorn in Ibadan, Nigeria, Yejide Kilanko is a writer of poetry, fiction, and a therapist in children’s mental health. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. Kilanko’s debut novel, Daughters Who Walk This Path was published by Penguin Canada, April 2012, and Pintail Books (Penguin USA), January 2013. The novel has been translated into German and Thai. Please visit her website at To purchase a copy of Daughters Who Walk This Path, visit Amazon store here.


Postcards From Africa is a WWN Feature about creating a new, positive narrative of Africa by Africans. This is a movement about igniting an empowered citizenry to make a difference by bridging the integrity gap. It is about changing the status quo of waiting passively for ‘leaders.’ WE are the leaders we seek. We are committed to raising and/or celebrating a new generation of Transformational, Passionate and Creative African leaders, one idea, one person,  one project and one community at a time! Do you know anyone or cause that should be featured? We’d love to hear from you:


One thought on “Postcards from Africa #3. Cannon Fodder by Author Yejide Kilanko

  1. This would be a very a very good, if not masterfully written excerpt if it can from a bestselling novel but sadly this is real life for millions in this gifted authors continent and if it does not take us back, that is those in the first world nations who covet their flat screen TV’s and big body suv’s, and instead go on rants on social media because a malicious member of society mistreats a domesticated animal, (which is in itself highly immoral) then we should bow our heads in shame for turning a blind eye to crimes towards humanity.


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