A Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! For indeed WE are all mothers; blessed with unique buds, seeds and fruits, bearing children, hopes, dreams, gifts, talents, abilities, light and love. May we birth them all in this lifetime, to God’s glory and share them with the world within and around us!

-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Co-Founder, Whole Woman Network (WWN)

(In celebration of Mother’s Day): FLOETRY – “Bridget’s Daughter”


To she who bore me within Idi-Araba’s walls of love-soaked pain

To she who bore my pain and turned my face to the sunny rays

To she whose image appears when I dream of HIS unconditional love

To she who cradled and infused me with love,

Long, long before I knew who love is and what love was.


To she who taught me in sacred silence; by simply being,

Showed me the veiled symphony of life’s mystery through the ages

The blessed, ephemeral trinity and the eternal truth known only to sages

that HE’s not found in walled spaces but in the spaces between the spaces,

of both form and formless, high and lowly strangers and familiar faces….


To she who guided my path to the divine, sacred tabernacle within

To she who lived by the light of the holy mystics and soul-spirits

To she who dances still with angels, to silent rhythms of heavenly strings

To she whose embrace, abiding blessing brings

To she whose lips, an eternal song of wisdom sings


To she who taught me the beauty of words;

written, spoken, unspoken, sung and unsung

To she who gifted me her voice and wings

Until I was ready to soar with mine

To she who shone bright in the shadows,

and so gave me permission to shine


Of the many roles, titles, names and path that I’d ever take

Celebrate this profound truth to me, my life force; the real koko of my mata

Join me in a love-soaked salute to she whose seed I am honoured to be

Blessed to bear this badge of honour, forever and a full day,

in this lifetime, to be called BRIDGET’s Daughter!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
(All rights reserved). http://www.julietkego.com

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