Week 27| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: Office of the Citizen and the Task of Personal Responisibility

WWN Reflection by @JulietKego: “The idea of ‪#‎OfficeofTheCitizen‬ is not about ‘changing’ anyone external to you. It’s really about personal accountability and responsibility. It is about taking ownership of how our everyday choices align with who we say we are/what we stand for. It is about fulfilling the personal leadership requirements of the highest office of the land: The Office of the Citizen.

The more each of us raises our personal resonance, the more the society shifts and re-aligns itself. The change we seek is us. When we change we either compel or influence those in our circle to change OR simply remove themselves from our circle. One person at a time until time t, when critical mass occurs. This is the reason why we can’t afford to give up. Everyone in the system is important for it to function optimally. ‪#‎CautiouslyHopeful‬

Your greatest freedoms are your ability to accept and be yourself, especially in a challenging environment. And your openness in owning your choices, your lack of attachment to ‘stuff’, and your willingness to take action steps that align with your core, with no expectation or attachment to the outcome. This is the way of true change. Accepting ourselves as citizens means an openness and willingness to identify areas we failed in and resolve to do differently and better. An awakened citizenry is a powerful force. We need to build a critical mass of like-minded people to transform our society. We do not seek perfect citizens, we only seek citizens who have a deep awareness of the degree of rot and the urgency which changing the status quo requires.

Perfection is not authenticity. Authenticity is the birthplace of your divine truth. The more authentic you become, the more you will attract who you are (and you can learn from) and repel those who do not share similar values. It’s all energy. We all vibrate at certain UNIQUE frequencies (and it fluctuates), because we’re human. Just ensure that your variations continue to narrow. So if you have people in your energetic space that create chaos, strife, disquiet etc within you, stop blaming them. There’s probably something you need to reset internally.

What is unresolved in us or what we need skills to cope with, we tend to project unto the external people, places and things around us. You co-create YOUR world. It’s your world, in your image and likeness….So learn to look inwards and self-reflect more. You see the world not exactly as it is, rather as your lenses perceive it.” -Cyber-hugs, ❤ Jules

P.S: Join me for a Twitter chat tomorrow on hashtag: #OfficeofTheCitizen; Embracing a new personal Leadership-Followership paradigm.

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Love, Light & Truth!

-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, MBA (www.julietkego.com)

Poet | Master-Certified Leadership Coach-Trainer -Consultant|

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Whole WoMan Network

Raising a New Generation of Transformational, Ethical & Creative African Leaders (T.E.C)

#BridgingTheIntegrityGap #ThePowerofWrittenSpokenWords2TransformLives

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