Week 28| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: 101 Questions for Nigerians in a Season of Change

‪#‎101Questions‬ WWN Reflection by @JulietKego: Is there a Cancer Recovery/Treatment Foundation or Kidney Foundation to help ameliorate the costs/burden of these expensive, difficult diseases? Is it sustainable to personally raise funds for individuals the way we do for the long-term? Are there preventative, mandatory screenings we should put in place? What is the worth of a human life here?

Are there studies/research to understand why there’s such a spike especially in kidney related cases? Is there a denial/disconnect we’re clearly ignoring where people rather spend millions on burials/ostentatious acquisition of more ‘stuff’, than on providing access to quality healthcare and investing in their own personal well-being/lifestyle? Should healthcare be left to only the government to manage?

Do our leaders ever actually visit the teaching hospitals to see the real dire conditions? Are we totally oblivious of our apparent folly and misplaced priorities or we are aware but actively choose to ignore the big elephant in the room? How can we live in such opulence and simultaneously in unbelievable squalor? Why are we so superstitious and avoid owning our choices/situations? Why are we sorely lacking in problem solving skills?

Why is our education so skewed towards theory and unrelated to the labour market needs? Why is there such high level of unemployment while the environment is teeming with basic problems that need practical, homegrown solutions? Why can’t some graduate read and write (communicate) well or skilled yet they’re decked in designer wears? Why don’t we invest in quality education yet we splurge on fancy trips and cars?
Why invest in state of the art cars but not on roads?

Why are almost all the toilets and gutters in such horrible conditions, even for the most state-of-the-art buildings? Why is personal hygiene so lacking among us? Why do people wear suits on the street in this melting heat? Why do some women have weaves they don’t wash and then it stinks so bad? Why is a large majority faking it and living in La La land?

Why is everyone seemingly blaming the ‘leaders’ and yet refuse to take personal responsibility to fix their own small spaces/communities? Why does a public highrise building have only 3 elevators, one is out of service, one we all have to queue up and enter and the third is ‘reserved’ for the VIP (perm secs and directors)?

Why don’t they realize that simple commonsense means balancing/sharing the load will make all elevators last longer? Why do ‘Ogas at the top’ have huge, posh, comfortable offices and their workers are in cramped, stuffy offices? Why don’t we see that our public schools must be fully functional for us to progress? Why are there so many children on the streets? Why are education and health sectors not yet declared as needing emergency intervention?

Why do we treat those who work for us with such contempt: house helps, drivers, cooks, subordinates at work, leaders to citizens, pastors to their congregation etc. Why don’t we realize true leadership is service? Why do we lose all commonsense and become mentally lazy with our faith and relegate so much powers to religious leaders, to the extent that we become enablers of some of their abusive acts?

Why are we delegating our parental responsibilities away? Why is everyone so eager to show off and look down on others? Why are we so disrespectful of time and processes? Why are we so wasteful and inefficient especially at work? Why is everyone always begging for something? Why don’t we have limits? Why is our sense of dignity/decency so eroded?

Why do we continue to aid corruption? Why do we behave well outside our shores and abandon all civility once we’re within our own borders? Why is there so much pretense and why are we so judgmental? Why do we always want to keep acquiring more and more without devising a structured way to give back to the under-served in society? Why are we so intolerant of other views, tribes, religions? Why are we so into sycophancy, cronyism, ego-stroking?

Why do we laud mediocrity? Why are we such gifted/successful private sector individuals and yet fail colossally as public servants/leaders? Why do we only want to pray but not take practical aligned action steps? Why is it that people who profess to be progressives act in opposite ways? Why is there rhetoric but no action plans? Why is there such a huge disconnect? Why do we have a minimum wage that is far from a realistic living wage?

These are really honest questions. Doing a talk this morning for a private group and I’m honestly stumped at some obvious basic gaps that we need to address….and instead of doing a series of long presentations, these are some of the questions I will ask them.

Perhaps in our honest attempt to answer these questions, at least one person will begin to see how we, the ‘ predatory elite’ are dropping the ball and resolve to do differently. The prayer today as everyday, is that at least this touches, inspires and empowers one person, and maybe that person is simply me. Have a blessed & wonderful day! Cyber-hugs, <3- Jules

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