Week 29| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: Follow Your Heart….And Remember To Take Your Head With You

Follow your heaRT“Follow your heart always, and remember to take your head along with you.” ~Alfred Adler

Heart and Head can be integrated for wholeness. Every part works in a synchronized pattern.

For the heart is all fiery passion, saying Go! Go! Go! Speak! Speak! Speak! Do! Do! Do! And the head is all reason, with a keen understanding of the power of timing and seasons.

They both need the other; to nudge us take the leap in the midst of fear AND to nudge us to be STILL and simply surrender in the midst of deafening outside/inner noisy chatter of the world and our minds respectively.

Yes, integrate ALL of you, for we are created whole & complete: Mind + Body+ Heart + Soul + Spirit. …+ The mysterious dimension of deep Intuition we hardly fully access or tap into.

All our answers are buried within us. And only when we’re ready will they be revealed to us. In your journey, remember to be gentle with yourself and others for everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

Be certain though, that we will somehow arrive at our own doorsteps. Focus on your own divine path and less on the perceived (mis)steps of others. So that you do not lose your own way. I encourage you to keep going forward with your seemingly ‘impossible’ goals/vision/dreams, make the sacrifices, sow the seeds, with no judgement of self/others, no expectation and no attachment to defined outcomes/results. Just BE and do it all with joy and love, and simply trust in faith, that God will unfold the universe to embrace your dreams.Today, I invite you all to dare to dream wonderful dreams and co-create your destiny with God. And have an inspiring day y’all!  Cyber-hugs – <3Jules

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Love, Light & Truth!

-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, MBA (www.julietkego.com)

Poet | Master-Certified Leadership Coach-Trainer -Consultant|

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Whole WoMan Network

Raising a New Generation of Transformational, Ethical & Creative African Leaders (T.E.C)

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