WWN Inspired Series: “What Courage Really Looks Like.” By Jason Gallardo

(Culled from the Facebook page of Jason Gallardo on August 12, 2015)
Json Gallardo on Hos son's courage

‪#‎ThisIsCourage‬ #CelebratingUncommonCourage #EverydayPeople

Courage means different things to different people and we are courageous in so many little different ways. Nobody’s story is more valid than the other.

Some stories have the power to make us pause and reach deep into our soul-spirit. Jason Galllardo’s piece on his son, Beau, simply breaks down the walls of our heart, opens us up to a richer/deeper perspective about the world around us and thus, elevates our shared humanity.

To Jason Gallardo, I say a big thank you for sharing your truth and your son’s courage. It makes us all better, somehow, I think. And to Beau Gallardo, thank you for inspiring millions around the world with your grace, spirit and resilience.

In a world where the media sometimes manipulates and forces us to see through their lens, we need stories like this one, to remind us of who and whose we are! (I hope you share this on every single platform you possibly can, I have a feeling Beau would get a kick out of that). 🙂 – @JulietKego

Enjoy and be blessed by his post below;

Courage quote by Maya Angelou

 As a father of a double amputee I’m growing tired of being told I need to praise Bruce Jenner for his “courage”. As some on you already know my 3 year son was born with Fibular Hemimelia. Just prior to his 1st birthday he had both of his lower legs amputated due to severe bone deformities. This is Beau today, and for the past 3 years he has shown me what courage really is.

Courage is trying to sleep while Mom or Dad rub your stumpies to make your leg pains go away. Courage is falling off your bed and patiently waiting for Mom or Dad to put you back, because you have no feet to push-off of. Courage is standing at the side of the swimming pool while 25 other kids stare at your legs in silence (if you’re lucky).

Courage is sitting there with a smile on your face even after Mom and Dad answer your toughest question, no son, you will never “grow” feet. Courage is understanding that you will always take baths because you can’t safely stand in a shower. Courage is standing on a trampoline at Jump Street while an employee tells you “no shoes allowed” until Mom or Dad tell them that if the shoes come off, the legs come off.

Courage is cheering on your baby brother as he takes his first steps at 12 months, knowing it was 2 years before you could walk normally. Courage is keeping a smile on your face at the park when a 10-year-old walks up and says “eheww, those are your legs?” Courage is joyfully trying to chase other kids around the playground even though you can’t even begin to keep up.

Courage is hiking on a 90 degree day with your prosthetic legs on that must feel like ski boots, and smiling the whole time. And lastly; courage is putting a pair of old prosthetic legs on your Froggie so you can feel like someone else on the planet is just like you.

Catering to culture, popularity, peer pressure, and trends=very easy, being true to yourself and your values= extremely difficult, however put me down for the latter. We can all accept Bruce Jenner for who he is, but please stop this nonsense of trying to force us all to celebrate it, it’s not worthy. Shame on you ESPN; wrong platform, wrong award, and most of all wrong recipient.

The real Arthur Ashe award winner lives in my house, and he sleeps under a Spider Man blanket. Thank you son; you have taught me more than I will ever teach you, and I will love you for the rest of my life …. Dad

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