#PostcardsFromAfrica: Celebrating Dr. Akeem Anifowoshe – Giving back to Improve the Nigerian Healthcare System.

“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.” ~Mother Teresa

(The following article was culled from Linda Ikeji’s Blog on Friday, September 11, 2015).

Dr. Akeem Babatunde Anifowoshe, B.Sc., MD is an experienced professional family practice physician, with over 26 years medical experience in Canada and Europe.

Having been exposed to the foreign system that sees preventive health as a necessity, a system that creates an enabling environment for research in the field of medicine such that improvement in the quality of health care delivery becomes inevitable.

Postcards From Africa Dr Akeem Anifowoshe

Knowing that many challenges exist in the healthcare sectors in African countriessuch as Nigeria, Dr. Akeem has moved back to Nigeria with the aim of giving back for the betterment of our Nigerian Healthcare system- in terms of knowledge, experience and of course expertise.

Please enjoy the excerpts from the interview with a reporter below;

What could be wrong with the Nigeria Healthcare System?
Ans: A number of factors; 

1. There is very little consciousness on the part of the populace of the importance of preventive health; most Nigerians go about their daily routines hoping they never break down, but just like the engine of a vehicle needs to be serviced regularly, the human body requires periodic checks. A lot of people who suffer illnesses and are rushed to the hospital do so because they ignored the warning signs until the illness reached an advanced stage.
2.  In advanced countries, health care is treated as a fundamental right of every citizen; the government is therefore responsible for providing quality health care for its people. Back here, the situation is rather dismal; the health policies are well crafted but lack effective implementation.
3. The macroeconomic reality of most Nigerians leads to the perception that quality health care is not readily accessible to all; this perception unfortunately, has led to apathy. As tax paying citizens, we have a right to demand quality health care of those we put in power.
Q: In Which aspect of medicine do you specialise?
Ans: I am a family practice physician, responsible for the wellbeing of patients of all ages. You see, family practice doctors, as primary care physicians, are often the first person whom a patient sees when seeking healthcare services. They examine and treat patients with a wide range of conditions and refer those with serious ailments to a specialist or appropriate facility.
My typical job duties include taking patient histories, performing or requesting diagnostic tests, making diagnoses, prescribing treatment, administering vaccinations and performing follow-up examinations, as well as educating patients in disease prevention and health maintenance.
Additional duties include preparing medical records, clinical reports and correspondences. As a family practice doctor, I also supervise allied health professionals, such as nurses, physician assistants and medical assistants.
Q: What plans do you have in place to address the current health situation?
Ans: My team and I have established a well-equipped multipurpose health facility; Kleinburg Medical Centre. It’s an outpatient medical centre. Our goal is to provide world-class efficient healthcare services in the community.
We provide family health services, urgent care, health maintenance, specialist services, a well-stocked pharmacy, laboratory services, ultrasound, and MedSpa, a relatively new concept in Medicine.
Q: What will you do differently?
Ans: For a long time now, quality health care has not been readily accessible to many; we plan to change that.
Again, anyone who comes into our facility will get help because we are set up in such a manner that provides in-house specialists such as dentists, gynaecologists, ultrasonographers, pharmacists and so on.
We will, to a large extent, replicate western health care in Nigeria with a view to revolutionising the industry as a whole.


Brief Background


Dr. Akeem was born in Lagos Nigeria. He studied at Day by Day nursery and primary school &AdisaBashua Surulere, Lagos. Secondary Education at Birch Freeman, Lagos and Federal Govt College Azare, Bauchi State, Nigeria (Class of 1989). He proceeded to Truman College and Chicago State University, USA- graduating with a BSc. in Biology/Pre-med in 1995, Doctor of Medicine MD 2000 at University of Illinois, Rockford, Illinois, USA and subsequently, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada for a Post graduate Medicine, Family Practice, 2007.

He did a Private practice family practice medicine 2008-2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Later on became a Franchisee Owner from 2012-2014 at Appletree Medical Center, Canada and Toronto Medical Laser Clinic, Canada.
He is a member of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Ontario Medical Association (OMA), Canadian Association of Nigerian Physician and Dentist (CANPAD) and Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN)


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