#PostcardsFromAfrica | The Fabulous Style Statements at the #AMVCA – Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

I simply love events like the ‪#‎AMVCA‬ (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards).

I DONT THINK IT’S VAIN AT ALL TO LOOK GOOD, especially with the right intentions in mind. When people take the time to glam up and look great, it is a sort of evangelism, I think 🙂 A huge congratulations to all the nominees and winners. And I’d like to also say thank you to all the ladies (and gents) who brought on their ‘A’ game! Beauty is magical.

I guess this is because beauty makes us happy, hopeful, somewhat kinder, I think. And beauty from the inside out, makes us forget the ugliness and deary day-to-day grind. It makes us pause long enough to simply admire it in others and most of all, beauty inspires us to look after and into ourselves too. The body is a beautiful, sacred temple; part of the vessel of our being-ness….TAKE CARE OF IT.

It is the only real home we reside in and we take it with us wherever we go. I simply love how the Entertainment sector is flourishing in Nigeria and Africa, in general.

P.S:  I must commend  ‪#‎AMVCA Their backdrop is crisp and sharp; great black contrast against all the outfits…

These ladies made the cut for the top 10 most stylish and best dressed on my list.

I). Mercy Aigbe. Lawd have Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Okay, I confess… I don’t really know who Mercy Aigbe was but at the  ‪#‎AMVCA2016‬ , I think she deserves the prize as one of the BEST DRESSED stars. This IS how you walk a red-carpet!! Yes, Yes, Yes!! (I do wish her hair was different though, more layered and flowy). Overall, still one of my favourite looks on the carpet. Our Entertainment Industry is on FIRE and I love it!

Mercy-Aibge RED CARPET

I). RITA Dominic is a goddess! She never disappoints on the Red Carpet!! She looks fabulous in her ensemble and makes us all see green …..with admiration and awe. The cut of her dress is crisp and well-tailored. Minimal accessories draw attention to her flawless skin and the flowing tresses bring the oomph of glamour and old school style. Love it!


III). Osas Ajibade (The risk she took in picking this divine coral-lobster colour paid off and that asymmetrical cut across the bust made it perfect. Simple, Edgy, Stylish, Chic and Contemporary all at once).


IV). Linda Ejiofor. (RED becomes her and she’s: Hot! Hawt! Hot! in a strapless red. I love her simplicity; no jewelry, hair pulled back and the skirt of her ballgown. Very well put together).

Linda Ejiofor

V). Stephanie Okereke-Linus. (I love that she chose an unusual turquoise colour and the cut was just perfect for her statuesque figure. Really wish she let her hair down, it would have set off the dress more).


VI).  Anna Banner. (The dipped-in cut at the back of  her dress especially that line before the ‘Vee,’ made this one of my favourites. The layered, side part of her hair was also spot on).


Anna Banner back of dress

VII). Rukky Sanda. (All I can say is Rukky Sanda cleans up good. From makeup to hair to outfit…just perfect).


VIII). Beverly Naya. (I adore the peek-a-boo thing she has going on and the playful sheer lacy design and cut. They all combine to make her outfit unique and very cute. A worthy mention is her double-bun hairstyle. Very retro, very whimsically-chic).


IX) Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha. (I love the simple detailing of the lace, both on her shoulders and sleeves and the feathery mermaid lower half).

Chioma Chukwuka #AMVCA2016

X). Caroline Danjuma. (She clearly knows how to accentuate the beautiful curves on her body, the golden hues, the makeup…love it!)

Caroline Danjuma

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