#WWNetworkAfrica™ Reflections | Life is Synchronistic Poetry, in Motion or Stillness….

Day 115. Be Exemplary By JulietKego

“Whichever way we look at it, life is synchronistic poetry in motion or stillness. Everybody’s breath is a line, a verse and we all come together to co-create one beautiful poem, albeit messed up. Our lines expands in the thoughts we think, overflows into the words we speak, in the emotions we feel, in the choices we make, the paths we do not take, the ones we retrace, in the tears we cry, in the laughter of our hearts, in the dreams we dare to dream, in the sacred silence of our soul’s being….with every encounter and experience.

Sometimes, it is good to take a step back, stop writing your verses, open and read YOUR life’s book of poetry. Be thankful for the past, celebrate how far you have come and be open to the journey ahead. There’s beauty in everyone and everywhere around you. See the light in others and guide them on their journey to embrace their truth too. 

I believe that at some fundamental level, we are here as reflections of one another, to lead ourselves to our own different paths. This means that life should not be so much about merely pointing out our goodness or flaws, but more about celebrating the fullness of who we are; the messy and the magical. It is about exploring and understanding why and how we be who we are and do what we do.

This awareness done from a place of love, truly illuminates everyone around us. When we see the world through a prism of truth, it breaks down our wall of division and creates pathways of collaboration. This journey of truth is not always an easy one. It requires a stripping away of our denials and delusions.

The TRUTH may initially hurt but it ultimately heals and transforms our world within and around us. It opens us up to courageously live in the light, because all that was hidden in the dark has been unmasked. Today, I remind you and encourage you to find and Embrace YOUR Truth!

See it, smell it, feel it, taste it, hear it, believe it and LIVE it! Make it an utterly beautiful & wonderful Sunday! Sow seeds of love, value and service. In a universe in dire need of healing, YOU make a big difference. Choose love as a master frame and watch everything align in perfect order…

Understand that although it sometimes seems that you may not be able to change others, you always have the power to create the right environment that’ll activate and be catalytic to their transformation, by simply BEING you; with your thoughts, words and actions.
Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways of influencing those around you is to BE exemplary. To BE the light and embrace your own truth. BE the very best version of you, as much as you possibly can! And when you stumble, simply take the lessons and rise again. Embrace your own falls because it will allow you create a safe space for others to fall and rise too, with zero judgment, in dignity.
The worst case scenario is that even if they remain unchanged, you’d become a better person through the process.This could simply mean a shift in perspective so you now ‘see’ them differently, in a kinder and more compassionate light. Ultimately, people rise to become who we see them as, when we see them through lens of love, empathy and truth. Have a wonderful & blessed week y’all!”

Love, Light & Truth!

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
(You many also find me here: julietkego.com)

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