#HappyMothersDay|WWN™ Reflections: Celebrating Unsung Mothers…

Mothers Day

A Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, especially those who feel voiceless, dreamless, faceless, nameless…

As we joyfully celebrate mothers in North America, let us also honour the weeping mothers who came before us, victims of wars, terrorism, genocide, domestic violence; mothers we lost in the Jewish Holocaust, Armenian, Rwandan, Biafran genocides, in formerly Apartheid South Africa, mothers caught up in horrific conflicts of Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Congo and Syria….

And most recently those who are also presently with us in Nigeria, victims of Boko Haram and Fulani Herdmen’s violent onslaught. We remember mothers who hunger for bread, shelter, security, and even die at childbirth as a result of corruption. We remember the mothers who were forced and raped into motherhood.

Today, we remember all the victims of child marriages; mothers who are still children themselves, yet bearing other children, mothers of physically and mentally challenged children, who constantly and relentlessly stand in the gap for the needs of their seeds, mothers who are constantly fed the lies that they are unworthy and unlovable…

We remember all mothers who sacrifice and stoically bear deep shame of mental health and the pain of being unable to cater to the upbringing of their children. And we also mothers who are sad victims of horrific domestic abuse, violence, wars, kidnapping, acid attacks and honour killings. We honour mothers who have lost their children. May the poignancy of today’s celebration be a source of more healing and new hope. May the holy spirit fill your void.

We extend a special prayer and cyber hug to the mothers who get fists instead of gifts, those unique mothers who get bouquet of bullets instead of glorious flowers, the weeping and wailing mothers who wait in fear daily for their soldier-children, out in the fields. Today, let’s celebrate the unsung, unknown, unheard, uncelebrated mothers…

May the sweet, soothing and loving divine mercy of God’s grace gift you all with an internal joy, peace and comfort that defy all human understanding. We love, cherish, celebrate and honour you on this very special Mother’s Day. On behalf of Whole Woman Network team, I offer a toast; a wonderful, heartfelt salute to ALL the kickass, badass, not-taking-shit, change-agents, zero-tolerance-for-bullshit mothers!

Love, Light, Truth & Healing

-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
(You may also find me here: julietkego.com)

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