EAG Scholar – Sukurat Adenike Laguda, shares her experience at the LLL4 Conference organized by Dr. Dipo Awojide & BTDT

A few months ago, LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP LESSONS (4) CONFERENCE, organized by Dr. Dipo Awojide & BTDT Ltd was held at the Lagos Oriental Hotel. 

WWN sponsored 10 participants to attend the conference and each shared the highlights of the event..


adenike-sukurat-laguda-adelodunBy Sukurat Adenike Laguda

The legendary Leadership conference has come and gone but the memories will linger forever.

It was an awesome experience for me, as the topics treated by the panelists serves as a recap and reminder of what I learnt while at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program held in Ghana.

The forum highlighted the fact that young people now have a voice, they want to take charge and run things, using Social media as a tool since it removes boundaries between the people, the government and the Media.

The program also widened my thinking and made me develop more passion for Journalism. As a youth leader, it also motivated me to see the positivism in using the Social Media platforms than just using for fun.

Furthermore, I was opportuned to network and interact with professionals in the media and it gave me a platform to interact with people of diverse backgrounds.

I have been able to share my experience with young people in my community through group interactions and my one-on-one talks with them and I also shared my notes with some of them that showed more interest.

I would also suggest that such platforms should be available from time to time, to groom and monitor the progress of young people. I am blessed and passionate that I am doing what I want to do (youth and community development). And I am certain that I would get to where I want to be without giving up and always remembering that as a leader you must have the awareness that it is not always an easy ride.

I got to understand that Empathy is essential to learn or lead, as well as having a clear appreciation of others’ decisions. Furthermore, it is great to spot and identify other leaders and know how to bring them on board. Encouragement is the key! Always encourage people to do more and be thirsty for knowledge.

In conclusion, I want to say a big thank you to the organizers of the program for creating such a unique platform for young people to rub minds and dialogue on the way forward as leaders. I also wish to thank Whole Woman Network and the management team, for sponsoring our trip to Lagos.


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