#NwanyiBuIfe: The Lady Painter – Udoka Uju|#CelebratingWomenWhoDare

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.” ~Victor Pinchuk

At Whole WoMan Network, our #PostcardsFromAfrica series is always looking out for African youths, especially young ladies who do ordinary things in a unique, extra-ordinary way!

Women who dare beyond the boundaries of their environment and explore their unique gifts, abilities, talents and skills. Today, we’re celebrating a creative entrepreneur, an artist, social enterprise catalyst and youth leader -The Lady Painter: Udoka Uju

We came across images of her vivid, expressive and detail-oriented art works and paintings at some schools in a rural community in Imo State, Nigeria and it took our team less than a minute to decide on profiling her on WWN™ blog.

About Udoka Uju, The Lady Painter

Udoka Uju is a graduate of University of Port Harcourt where she bagged a degree in Economics. She began her adventure into self-discovery with a job in a leading Nigerian bank.

It was while she was on her bank job that the passion for creating beautiful spaces for homes and offices sprung up and became a goal she was so passionate to achieve. Udoka Uju resigned from her job at one of Nigeria’s top bank to focus on making homes and offices look beautiful with paint.

Before she joined the bank in 2014, she worked in a real estate firm (full-time) and at the same time was running her interior design company as a part-time job.

From being an Interior Designer, Udoka Uju developed interest in painting. Fascinated by the things one could achieve with paint and colours she decided to be a Painter.

Udoka Uju ran her business (The Lady Painter) part-time even while she was in the bank till July, 2016 when she resigned from her 9 to 5 job to pursue her dreams.

Since she started focusing on The Lady Painter full-time, her approach to business has been an inspiration to many. She fuses passion, dedication and attention to detail in every project she undertakes.

She recalls that it was challenging being a newbie in a male dominated profession, however, she is building her brand -“The Lady Painter” and gradually making it a household name in Nigeria.

Besides running The Lady Painter as a business, Udoka Uju is also the founder of the initiative ‘Grab a brush, Colour a life’, an initiative aimed at face-lifting the public schools in our rural communities, by making them look clean and attractive just like well-finished private schools.

She also mentors young girls on creativity, self-esteem and entrepreneurship. 

The Lady Painter – Nigeria’s #1 Creative Wall Designer

The Lady Painter is Nigeria’s number 1 creative wall designer with a team of professional Painters based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lady Painter, led by Udoka Uju, have years of experience in providing unequalled painting services for residential and commercial spaces, from designing 3D Visuals to implementation of the paint design with emphasis on detail and quality.

We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations by delivering quality painting and the best customer service in the business.

We are particular to our clients’ needs so we vigorously ensure that all projects undertaken meet all agreed-upon specifications and executed with ardent creativity.

We offer creative and innovative style in our painting concept and solutions. We just love painting and maintaining walls that is why we have maintained our long list of satisfied clients solely based on referrals, so believe us when we say we take every project very serious.

Our Services

  • Painting
  • 3D Visuals
  • On-site Consultations
  • Project Coordination & Management
  • Painting Tools Supply

Email – info@theladypainterng.com

Phone number – +234-806-237-5102, +234-706-345-3470

Website – www.theladypainterng.com

Twitter – @LadyPainterNG

Facebook – The Lady Painter

**Do you have a school in an under-served community that you want to support and transform? WWN team is inspired by Udoka Uju’s passion, commitment and ingenuity. We are inviting all members of our community to partner with her, especially in sponsoring projects in schools in rural communities, under her platform –‘Grab a brush, Colour a life’. (It is an initiative aimed at face-lifting the public schools in our rural communities, by making them look clean and attractive just like well-finished private schools.e are adding inviting all).


Postcards From Africa is a WWN Feature focused on creating a new, positive and empowering narrative of Africa by Africans. This is a movement about igniting an empowered citizenry to make a difference by bridging the integrity gap.

It is about changing the status quo, from waiting passively for ‘leaders’, to us embracing a new paradigm that ‘WE’ are the leaders we seek. We are committed to empowering and celebrating a new generation of Transformational, Ethical and Creative African leaders, who are actively engaged in nation-buiding, one idea, one person, one project and one community at a time!

Do you know anyone, idea or cause that should be featured? We’d love to hear from you: info@wholewomannetwork.com

One thought on “#NwanyiBuIfe: The Lady Painter – Udoka Uju|#CelebratingWomenWhoDare

  1. This is “Youth Poll Naija” a pleasure following this amazing community! YPN is a project meant to engage Nigeria youths in politicking, to call the attention of the political elites that the time has come to allow the youths to get involved in the business of building a true and all inclusive nation, to also provide promotions and motivation that will encourage the youths, Updating and connecting them to empowerment opportunities closest to their communities, such as; seminars, Leadership& capacity building programmes, Scholarships e.t.c. “Youth Poll Naija” is youth inclined and has come to stay as one of the few sincere voices calling out the Nigeria youths within and beyond to get involved in the Nigeria project. We can achieve anything if we unite and just believe. Cheers!


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