#Nwanyibuife #CelebratingWomenWhoDare – Dr. Mina Ogbanga: Social Scientist & Trailblazer, Creating an Innovative Biofuel Gel for Domestic Cooking Initiative…

Dr. Mina Ogbanga

Ananke Platform shared a series of insightful dialogues on mainstreaming gender, sustainability and STEM. It was a 2-part series of titled –“STEM: PATHWAY TO SUSTAINABILITY” – featuring various dynamic women, who are trailblazers in STEM.
[To read the articles Click Here for Part ONE and Click Here for Part TWO].

#CelebratingWomenWhoDare One of those featured is our own Dr. Mina Ogbanga.
Dr Mina Ogbanga
from Nigeria, Dr. Mina Ogbanga’s was enrolled in the College of Medical Sciences when she used to dream of transforming her home country for good. In addition to being a social scientist with a PhD degree in Sustainable Development Studies and another ongoing PhD in Public Policy; Dr. Mina has research and technical interest in Renewable Energy. She has an incredibly immense track record in STEM, with specialization in clean energy.

Creating an innovative biofuel gel for domestic cooking initiative, the eminent trailblazer believes that clean energy for rural women is a healthier, cheaper and safer option. Her initiative aims to offer access to clean cooking for thousands of African women and reduce deforestation as the product lessens the use of firewood.

Dr. Mina has won numerous awards and accolades from local, regional and international institutions including University of Cambridge, UK. She staunchly believes that STEM can open more doors to a better world for everyone

Talking about her journey, Dr. Mina says: “I am passionate about STEM and right from High School have been involved in innovative initiatives that project the importance of STEM. Being a social scientist, I will keep on supporting innovative, technology-driven initiatives across my home country.

I truly believe innovation is the tool to achieve technological transformation in the world. We can empower women by continuously training them; building their capacities and exposing them to current scientific innovations for growth and sustainability.”

Dr. Mina Ogbanga
Social Scientist
PhD degree in Sustainable Development Studies

All of us at WWN congratulate Dr. Mina Ogbanga and thank her for her persistent and consistent passion, commitment, advocacy for women in STEM and her innovations, especially towards safer, healthier, cleaner cooking options for women in rural and under-served areas.

*[To read about more women who are shattering glass ceilings in STEM, read the series of dialogues – Click Here for Part ONE and Click Here for Part TWO].

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