A Joyous & Glorious Mother’s Day…


Biafran Mothers

Women and Children at a Biafran Refugee Camp [Source: © Bettmann/CORBIS]

A blessed Mother’s Day to all mothers who feel voiceless, dreamless, faceless, nameless…

As we joyfully celebrate mothers around the world on this wonderful day, let us also honour the often ignored mothers who came before us, victims of past wars.

And those who are also presently with us; victims of terrorism and insurgency, mothers in refugee/Internally Displaced Persons’ camps, mothers who hunger for bread, shelter, security and peace, and many mothers in these harrowing conditions, who were forced into motherhood through acts of rape and sexual violations.

And also, a happy Mother’s Day to child-brides globally; these mothers who are still little girls themselves, yet bearing their children; we remember mothers of physically and mentally challenged children who constantly stand in the gap for their seeds; mothers, who themselves have various disabilities and mothers trapped in unhealthy domestic violence cycles, who are constantly fed the lies that they are unworthy and unlovable…

Let’s also remember to honour all immigrant mothers who sacrifice and stoically bear deep shame from racism, intolerance and tribalism, mothers who bear these unspoken pains at the promise of a better life for their children. Indeed, let’s celebrate all mothers who are sadly, victims of horrific abuse, violence, war, kidnapping, terrorism, incarceration.

We extend a special prayer and cyber hugs to the mothers who get fists instead of gifts, those unique mothers who get bouquet of bullets instead of glorious flowers, the wailing mothers who wait endlessly for their children, lost or kidnapped, the unsung, unknown, unheard, uncelebrated mothers of soldiers who die in service…

May the sweet, soothing and loving divine mercy of God’s grace and love gift you all with an internal joy, peace and comfort that defy all human understanding. May we as a collective, support and advocate for them, in all the ways that we possibly can.

All of us at WWN extend our love as we cherish, celebrate and honour every single one of you on this very special Mother’s Day. On behalf of the Whole Woman Network team, I offer a toast; a wonderful, heartfelt salute to ALL mothers!

Love, Light, Healing & Truth!

-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Happy Mother's Day 2017

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