Introducing! WWN’s Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Cirles

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is a popular alternative to traditional financing methods. It is the process of
obtaining financing from other groups of individuals — as opposed to a financial intermediary like banks,
credit unions, credit cards, or payday lenders. It is also an effective way to (re)-build credit history and
credit worthiness.
Canadian regulators have given the green light to P2P lending companies in 2020, which opened up the
space for this alternative to traditional lending routes. The two main Peer-to-Peer platforms in Canada
are Lending Loop (for small businesses) and goPeer (for individuals).
Peer lending has been around for about as long as banks have been denying loans to loan applicants
(often blacks, indigenous, immigrants, and other marginalized demographics), and forcing prospective
borrowers to turn to people in their own communities, ROSCAs or saving/lending circles, for alternative
financing.  These are often run as informal collectives or cooperatives. #BlackSocialEconomyTheory

Whole Woman Network is currently transitioning from an informal collective/social enterprise, to a formally
incorporated cooperative. One of the many benefits of becoming a member of Whole Woman
Network (WWN) is access to our Peer-to-Peer Lending Circle Program.

Our P2P program is anchored on: the principles of the solidarity economy and a unique cooperative model based on an indigenous Rotating Saving and Credit Association (ROSCA+). It connects members of the Whole Woman Network community looking for loans, with other members and/or investors interested in offering loans or investing.


Communal-based Loans
WWN peer-to-peer lending circle program is a cooperative platform to connect our members who are
interested in, and capable of lending funds, with other members who are credit-worthy, demonstrate
valid financial need and want to borrow funds. Our communal approach to lending focuses on: financial
wholeness, financial inclusion, peace-of-mind, shared prosperity, dignity, empowerment and holistic,
culturally attuned financial literacy education.

A chance to support BIPOC women business owners and professionals, and earn lucrative returns
WWN peer-to-peer lending circle program allows our members to access consumer credit as an asset
class, with a low correlation to stocks and bonds, and get lucrative rate of returns, while offering loans to
vetted members, in a values-based, trust-driven community with shared goals. Borrowers get access to
loans with flexibility, ease, and at competitive interest rates and terms, along with a community-based
financial literacy program and peer-to-peer business support.
An opportunity to Participate in the Solidarity Economy and Impact Investing

WWN peer-to-peer lending circle program is an opportunity for interested non-voting cooperatives,
investors and WWN member-owner-workers, to participate in the solidarity economy, social finance, and
impact investing.
The WWN Peer-to-Peer Lending Program is for you if you are:

◉ A social purpose investor who is passionate about sustainable and viable alternative finance
models, and providing access to capital with dignity, to under-represented demographics – by
giving them a hand up and not a hand out.
◉ Interested in building a diversified portfolio of loans across multiple borrowers of staggered risk
◉ Seeking to generate a steady income stream, while being relatively cushioned from the events in the
broader economy.
◉ Committed to the ethos of sustainability, sisterhood solidarity, financial inclusion, social justice, profit with purpose,
while positively impacting the lives and businesses of other women, their families and


Leverage More Funds at short notice for personal or business emergencies.

WWN peer-to-peer loan are effective for leveraging additional funds at competitive market rates and
terms, while protecting you from credit card debt and high-interest loans.
Build Credit History and Participate in Digitized ROSCA+.

Our peer-to-peer loan does not require a credit check for the first loan (maximum of $1000.00); it offers
convenience and peace of mind if you have no credit history or poor credit history. However, for
subsequent loans (and for amounts greater than $1000.00) up to a maximum of $50, 000.00, a credit check and completion of a
comprehensive financial literacy & resilience, and self-leadership training program are mandatory.

Borrowers are also able to participate in WWN’s ROSCA+, and access peer-to-peer support from other
members and partner organizations. Through ROSCA+, members also pool funds to invest collectively in
the P2P loan programs and other business/investment ventures. Thus, borrowers have an opportunity to eventually
become lenders/investors too. Our partnership with WOVEO, a digitized ROSCA+ platform also enables our members to build their credit history without using credit cards or acquiring debt.
Improve Liquidity and Cash flow
If you have no cash or run low on cash for the operations of your business, or you lack access to credit or
other source of capital, our peer-to-peer loan program allows you to protect your credit history and
score, by injecting much needed capital into your business; for payment of bills, to stock inventory, and
to take advantage of sales, discount & promotional offers from your vendors and suppliers.
An Alternative When Ineligible for a Bank loan or other Loans

If the loan amount you require is too small for a financial institution to consider, or rejected for other
reasons, our peer-to-peer loan is an effective way to access funds to cover emergency, or other
A Pathway to Financial Literacy & Resilience, Wealth Wholeness and Self-Leadership

WWN peer-2-peer loans ensure that all borrowers complete a 6-week financial literacy coaching program
and a 12-week self-leadership training course after the repayment of their initial loan, before they are
eligible for subsequent loan(s). This mandatory requirement helps members in their journey to self-
mastery, financial literacy, wealth wholeness and freedom.
Provides an Opportunity to Pay-it-Forward
Our approach disrupts the often extractive traditional financial model about lending, and enables us as a
community to break prevailing socio-economic systemic barriers, get our members out of debt faster,
empower them with healthier money habits, and support our members to eventually pay it forward by
becoming investors/lenders themselves, thereby earning a profit and helping other women and their
communities too. #NoSisterLeftBehind #SolidarityEconomy #LoansWithDignity #MicroLoans

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