Africana Feminist Political Economy Symposium

2023 Africana Feminist Economics Symposium holds on May 25th, 2023. Send an email to RSVP: Join the #DISE Collective and The Banker Ladies Council of Canada in this transformative and thought-provoking event. To read more about the Banker Ladies, see this article by Natalie Holmes: Strengthening the Black Social Economy and watch the documentary, Banker Ladies by filmmaker and director Esery Mondesir.

#Nwanyibuife #CelebratingWomenWhoDare! Diana Barikor, Co-founder & COO – Whole Woman Network

From all of us in the Whole Woman Network community, we wish a hearty congratulations to Diana Barikor, our one of our phenomenal founding members, on receieving the Enterprise Excellence Award! The award will be presented at the Remarkable Mothers Award (RMA) Gala, and the theme for 2023 is tagged “Celebrating the Indefatigable Spirit of Womanhood.”

More about Diana Barikor:

Diana is a Social Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, and Social Impact Investor with a passion for empowering under-represented and equity-denied women and youth, with resources to transform their sociocultural and economic realities.

She has a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Community development from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada. 

Diana is the Founder of MOBERI Services, and the Co-founder of Whole Woman Network Global (WWN), a Social Enterprise that delivers experiential Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Financial Literacy Programs to vulnerable, under-served Canadian Women and Youth, with a focus on Blacks (all people of African descent), new Immigrants, and other marginalized groups.

She is the co-host of the WWN Black Social Economy podcast/webinar series – Building Community Wealth with Real Estate and ROSCA+ (Rotating Savings and Credit Association).

Over the past three decades, her background and professional experiences span environmental sustainability advocacy, social enterprise, and community development. She has coached and mentored women to rebuild their lives and communities.

Her philanthropy extends beyond Canada, to the education and training of women and girls in Nigeria through low-interest loans, business development grants, scholarships, and funding WASH projects, Menstrual Health & Hygiene programs that improve the well-being of families and communities.

She is a feminist and proud mother of three wonderful and compassionate children; Monale, Baribefii and Rita. She loves traveling, gardening, reading, and meeting people of different cultures.

The 2023 edition of the Remarkable Mothers Award (RMA) Gala holds on Sunday, May 7. See poster below for details. Once again, congratulations to Whole Woman network’s own, Diana Barikor!

WWN’s Marketplace Solutions Is Now On FAIRE!

When we conceived the idea for Whole Woman Network's Marketplace Solutions, we wanted to make sure we integrated it with platforms that offered the best possible options for our B2B customers. At one of the trainings for entrepreneurs by the #torontoboardoftrade someone had mentioned FAIRE and we checked them out. A perfect fit! Looking forward to serving our many members and clients! #wholesale #ecommerce #marketplace #online #sales #marketing #coops #cooperativemarketplacesolutions #communitycommerce #ecommercesolutions


"Welcome to Faire

Congratulations—you’ve taken the first step to start selling in the world’s largest online marketplace for independent wholesale!

How does Faire empower brands?

We generate new sales.

We help brands accelerate their sales by pairing them with the most compatible independent retailers who individually are hard to find but collectively are a strong sales channel.

We streamline your wholesale operations.

Historically, as the number of B2B partners increases, so do the costs for brands. Faire grows your wholesale business with minimal overhead by providing you access to risk-free transactions, simplified shipping and returns, and customer insights."