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Tell Yourself Empowering Stories!

“The old way of thinking is as if you were the lowly servant of a king or the daughter of a slave. This old way is built on a fallacy and pre-supposes that you are broken and incomplete. It’s a new dawn. The new message is that you are and have always been the daughter of a KING. You are whole and complete. It is based on an eternal TRUTH! This is the season to return to wholeness. Step into your magnificence. Greatness resides in YOU! The world is waiting for you.”
~Excerpt from WWN’s Total Transformation & Life-Coaching Journal: ’Take ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU! ~

WWN Reflection for Thursday, May 9, 2013: Tell Yourself Empowering Stories!

All change, all learning, all growth is mainly done on an unconscious level. Be mindful, therefore of the stories you feed your unconscious mind and the movies you play in your head. Tell yourself wonderful stories. Tell stories with a sole purpose of getting something positive out of it. Explore the learning, growth and idea in each story and apply the principles to make your life better.

Tell stories about yourself and others that empower and not dis-empower you! Get out of the victim mode! Your past is your past! Acknowledge the story, acknowledge the pain, re-frame it and simply DECIDE to let it go. Tell stories about yourself and others that have solutions. Tell stories that bring you to light. Come out of the darkness.

You live out the stories in your head! Be gentle with yourself and others. We are all reflections of one another, we are here to learn from one another, period. Tell stories that will add to the process of our continuous growth. No one is better than the other. Everyone is equal. Life is a game and we are all still figuring it out.

Some people are here to  teach us so that we may also teach others. So every painful or difficult experience happens to make us grow and be a beacon of hope to others. Stop looking back, stop looking down, you are not going that way! Look up and look forward, the future awaits and you get to write the script and direct the movie of your life story!  Courage quote

FOCUS on what you want and say it exactly how you want it. For every single thing that has form was once formless, i.e. a mere thought. Guard your thoughts and your words for soon they manifest into reality.

Channel ALL your energy to create the reality you desire. Stop filling up your minds with thoughts that are at cross-purpose to your destiny! You are a co-creator with God, you are living out a script written by your own hands. Yes, HE has given you that much power! God’s made you co-heirs of the kingdom.

So step out in courage and follow your heart, intuition, unconscious mind and that still, quiet whisper within. Take ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU! To do otherwise is to selfishly rob the world of a precious gift. Play at 100%, and give life your all or don’t play at all, we will all be better for having, knowing and experiencing ALL of you. Yes, you are that awesome!

At Whole Woman Network, our Life-coaching approach is based on the premise of ABUNDANCE, it is a result-oriented, holistic, inside-out way that delves to the root causes of problems. The focus is simply to get you to a ‘solutions zone’. It is based on the premise that YOU are already whole and complete and simply need to be reminded. You have the answers within you and all we do is ask the right questions to trigger that which is inherent in you.

You already have enough, be content and be grateful. Create the paradise that you desire NOW. And it is important to understand that you possess the innate, divine ability to create more, should you need more in life. There are unique gifts, talents and skills you possess that the world is waiting to pay for! It is simply an exchange of values from you and the universe and it is ALWAYS in balance.

Henry Ford QuoteThe caveat is that everything must be to his glory and to serve/love your neighbours. It must be ecological, a WIN-WIN-WIN balance; for self, for others and for the planet as a whole. WE are all connected! We are all ONE! So direct your thoughts to align with your vision and dreams. Dream BIG, it doesn’t cost you a single cent!

Remember, whatever you have in your physical universe is a reflection of the thoughts and actions that you have taken in the past. It is your evidence procedure. It does not lie! So you get to choose your reality. You get to be right whichever path you take. Life is truly a self-fulfilling prophesy!

Have a thoughtful, reflective Thursday!  ~Whole Woman Network Team~

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A personal finance guide for women of colour: ‘miscellaneous expenses’.


“Thanks WWN for reminding us to stick to our personal and family budgets. But you seem to forget our extended family system here in Africa.  Funerals, weddings, birthdays, relations soliciting for help (and they do it as if it is mandatory)! How do we trim down the spending? I tell you, it is a large chunk! ‘Miscellaneous’, you may call it, but it is often larger than the monthly family expenses.” ~Uche O. U~

Managing ‘miscellaneous expenses’.

The importance of developing a personal budget cannot be over emphasized. However, it is often the issue of sticking with budgets that overwhelm most people. Planning and executing budgets are even more challenging in environments where cultural ties are strong and the extended family system exists.  The beauty of the extended family system cannot be argued, but if the associated responsibilities are not managed properly, the result may be high stress levels, breakdown of relationships, high debt loads and the ‘Iroko Tree’ syndromes and/or the ‘Stolen Luck’ syndromes, just to mention a few.

(Refer to this post for more insights on the ‘Iroko Tree’ and ‘Stolen Luck’ syndromes).

A critical factor that makes sticking with personal budgets difficult is the state of the economy; stagnant growth, high unemployment rates and a ‘middle-class’ that is in fact the ‘working poor’.

For women of colour, (living in their home countries and in the Diaspora), the topic of personal budgeting should be addressed in a holistic way. They are often catering to multiple interests and carrying varied responsibilities, sometimes as ‘co-bread winners’ for their parents, siblings, cousins, nephews and other members of their kith and kin. It is not strange to find one person responsible for the tuition fees, medical bills and rent of other people in her extended families, besides her primary responsibilities to her nuclear family. It is no wonder that this topic resonates deeply with many.

In individual conversations and group coaching sessions among women across different cultures Caribbean, African, Persian, European, Latin American and so forth, miscellaneous expenses associated with extended family members, remains a huge  obstacle to achieving balance with personal budgets.

Here are some basic principles for managing ‘miscellaneous expenses’

  1. Make a budget so you have clarity on your earnings and immediate household expenses;
  2. You can plan for uncertainty because there’s already the certainty of an uncertainty happening. Make provision for miscellaneous expense (based on historical estimates). You can budget for miscellaneous expense by actually including it and earmarking an amount (Fixed  monetary sum or as a percentage of your earnings);
  3. Track your miscellaneous expenses over a few months and then track gradually over a year. Categorize them: What are you spending most on-Burials/Birthdays/Weddings/’Aso-ebi’/Gifts/School fees/Personal loans/Social events/Medical Expense/Daily living?
  4. Try sticking with your budget for at least one month, and if any extra expenditure arises, you roll them over to the next month.
  5. At the end of each month, check for variations between your estimates and actual spending.
  6. Re-Prioritize: How important are these things to you? What can you forfeit, what adds value, what is essential and what is non-essential?
  7. Make a list of who the recipients are. Prioritize your recipient list. High up on your list may be your parents, siblings, mentors and those who sowed positive seeds in your lives. You may add them to your monthly fixed expense, depending on your situation.
  8. There are people on your list who should be weeded off that list or educated on money matters before adding them back on. (Someone in the Diaspora gave an example of a cousin, a university undergraduate, who had asked for financial assistance to buy some back-to-school materials. From her part-time earnings, she sent her a few hundred dollars, only for her cousin to rudely inform her that the money was not enough to buy her MAC line of cosmetics, much less her designer line of tee-shirts. And she was even admonished by this said cousin for not taking up over-time hours like her other nursing colleagues! Compare this to someone who needs financial aid for a medical condition or to pay tuition fees. The difference is as clear as crystal).
  9. Study and analyze the seasonality of requests and activities, when are the highs and lows: Holidays/Beginnings of school term or semester/Particular time(s) during the year? Adjust your budget accordingly to align your cash-flow with these timelines.
  10. Be clear on the difference between a loan and a gift to people, especially to family members.
  11. Avoid loans to family members/friends unless you truly trust them and/or from the onset, you are ready to write-off the amount. This helps you in two ways: i). it helps to preserve the relationship should they default. Ii). it eliminates the cash-flow flow problems that may arise for you if the loans are not paid back.
  12. People need a hand-up and not a hand-out, know the difference!
  13. Consider giving certain people bulk sum of money to either start a business/go to school/learn a skill, so they become truly independent rather than encouraging and enabling them to become perennial beggars. A one-sided relationship often ends badly with a lot of resentment because every human being has an innate need for self-actualization and self-mastery.
  14. If #.13 above is a challenge to undertake alone, consider pooling resources together with other friends/colleagues/family members, in order to achieve these worthwhile goals. You may also consider collective giving i.e. something that serves a group or community rather than individuals, such as setting up cottage industries, micro-loan programs, building or renovating schools, health care and skill acquisition centres.
  15. Hold yourself and others accountable so you may create the right balance for your overall well-being. Also, remember to put yourself on the list!


The preceding is a guest post from Juliet Ume, MBA –Wealth Management Consultant & Lifestyle Coach at Whole Woman Network. Juliet is an avid Life Connoisseur and a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Investment & Financial Literacy for women. Follow her on Twitter: @wholewomaninc