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A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Whole Woman Network

What an amazing, eventful and exciting year it’s been! From all of us at Whole Woman Network, we wish you and your families a very MERRY & BLESSED CHRISTMAS. Thank you for making this year a truly blessed and beautiful experience.Blessed Christmas

This Christmas season, we urge you to celebrate, rejoice and reflect on the saviour’s coming. He came for this purpose: to create a new world based on unconditional love and to bring love, healing and redemption to each and every one of us. In essence, to remind us that we are WORTHY!

Think about it! Who are you in Christ? What is your purpose on this earth? Why are you really here? How can you begin to fulfil your destiny?

We all pray for long and healthy life, however, some people alive in the world today may not see another Christmas. These are sobering thoughts but they are also the truth.

I heard of the shocking death of a loved one yesterday (Christmas eve), and it gave me reason to pause and seriously reflect about my life, my purpose and personal goals, going forward. So for close to four hours, I wrote down key highlights of my life thus far and significant emotional events that align with the core of who I perceive myself and my purpose to be. Hmmmnn, all I can say is, it was a phenomenally cathartic experience, that led me through a gamut of emotions; angry, sad, hurt, guilt, shame, fear, drain, and then, excited, hopeful, joyous, loved, empowered and free!

GloryIn this moment, write down what you think your purpose is. It will guide and channel your thoughts, words, actions in all your interactions going forward.

It can be simply to love your family, to be the best father, mother, daughter, sister, friend, cousin, niece, nephew, god-parent, colleague, community member, citizen etc.

Then, simply write down what type of person you want to be as you fulfill your different roles in life. Ask yourself what your core values are and what principles you hold sacrosanct and sacred. What are your responsibilities and what gives you the most joy and peace? How congruent are you with your values? Are your actions aligned with who you wish to be?

The purpose of this exercise is not for self-flagellation or to beat yourself up, rather it is to celebrate your awareness of who you think you are verses who you are being, now, in this moment. It is to bring your attention to important things about yourself that you should be focusing on. We often get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of life that we forget to actually LIVE.

This reflection is simply to get you to re-connect with who you desire to be and to  re-introduce you back to yourself so that you can re-discover the unique, magnificent and whole being that you are. You are a beloved child of God, created in love, moulded with love and redeemed through love. You are a being of love and light. Your purpose is to share this with the world in everything you do.

I asked myself the same questions and this is a very short summary of what I came up with: I am passionate about Engaging, Educating and Empowering people to connect with their purpose, step into their personal power and take ACTION by living passionately in their lives, work, business and community.

I love connecting with people, meaningfully and deeply and coaching myself and others to OWN both our awesomeness and our crap, because it all makes us unique.

I am passionate not just merely about change, but really about TRANSFORMATION. I love coaching, training and empowering people on transformational self-leadership, so that they are living every single day with purpose, on purpose.

I am also passionate about asking questions that lead people to uncover the magnificence buried deep within themselves. I love being a tour guide & bridge for others, on their journey to wholeness and completeness. I am passionate about collaborating, with synergy, so that we can all create, heal, transform, serve, love, inspire, celebrate & live the best versions of our lives each day e are blessed to be on earth.

I believe that empowered people create empowered families and societies. I believe that we are each powerful beyond belief and once we decide to take action in alignment with our core, we shall be unstoppable agents of transformation.

My purpose is to create advanced awareness and empower myself and others to transform and live with authenticity, purpose, passion & power, in work and life. I train, coach, speak on how people can make empowered and informed choices in different areas of their lives.

My focus is to create congruence and authenticity in how people live their lives. I draw upon my over 18 years experience across multi-disciplinary fields; Engineering, Investment & Finance, International Business, Coaching & Training. I train and speak on such topics such as Work-Life choices, Financial Literacy, Creating empowered Relationships, How to have success in a Value-Based, Empathy-Driven Economy, Sustainability in work and life, Entrepreneurship with Heart, Fusing Passion and Profit, Finding your Purpose by embracing your passions and pains, etc.

My purpose is to create experiential platforms of learning by collaborating and connecting with different individuals and groups, with a common vision to transform ourselves and our society for the greater good.

This is My Philosophy: “It is a fallacy to believe that we are fractured or broken; the truth is that we are enough, indeed, we are whole and complete. Our life’s journey then becomes a return to WHOLENESS. We are here to heal, create, serve, celebrate, surrender, soar, love and simply BE and B.E.A.M: Be Everything And More! Embrace your passions and your pains. Own your awesomeness and magnificence. Also, own your vulnerability, imperfections and your crap! Each day, embrace experiential growth and a spiritual awakening. Own your divinity and your humanity! Lead yourself; dare to transform and see your life in a whole new light.” 

Again, from all of us at Whole Woman Network, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and may the grace and love of Jesus Christ abide with you and fill you with light, peace, excellent health, abundance and joy!

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The preceding is a guest post from Juliet Ume, MBA –Strategic Interventionist, Wealth Management Consultant & Leadership-Coach at Whole Woman Network. Juliet is the author of the upcoming book: ‘UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership.” She is an avid Life Connoisseur and a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Leadership Training, Investment & Financial Literacy for women. Her mission is simply to engage, educate and empower women (and men), regardless of their levels of income or background, to return to ‘wholeness’ and live Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier Lives using Faith-based, Scientific and Universal (Common-Sense) principles! Follow her on Twitter: @wholewomaninc, @julietumeinc. Read her daily reflective posts on Facebook.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Cover of "Just Go For It!"

As the year draws to an end, and we gear up to celebrate the Holidays with family, friends and colleagues, it is important to take a moment to reflect upon the events in our lives (both good and bad), our learning, insights and the myriad reasons to be grateful for the past year.

At Whole Woman Network, we asked the ladies in our community to share some of their most pivotal experiences and cherished moments of gratitude and awakening in the past year. These are their answers:

1. I went through the whole year without taking a moment to enjoy I’ve learnt that you only live once and its your choice to truly enjoy life or let life pass you by.-Anne Marie U.

2. It took me a really long time to find a job this year after months of helplessness and I realize now that I have to be always grateful for my situation because so many others have it worse.-Blessing S.

3. I prayed for a lot of material things and they never came but it took a health scare for me to cherish the most important thing in my life; good health. I will not trade it for anything in the world. I am truly humbled and grateful for grace and mercy.-Olivia I.

4. Nothing can be worse than a parent losing a child and yet nothing can be as humbling and illuminating. I lost my only daughter to cancer and now I marvel at how beautifully and purposely she lived her life. I carry her and her dreams in my heart.-Masumeh A.

5. My sister had her first baby and sharing that experience showed me that there’s immense beauty in the world even in the midst of all the pain and ugliness.-UK M.

6. I experienced the grace of God and the importance of patience and faith. In life, you will never be given a greater burden than you can carry. You are stronger than your circumstance. -Olohivuoni U.

7. I’ve realized that I am still a work in progress, I am getting to know myself more and I am living in awareness everyday. I love who I am. I am comfortable in my own skin.-Jane U.

8. I have learnt that everything adds up, all my good and bad sides make up the whole me. I accept the totality of my being because I have only one me.-Niki O.

9. I know the importance of focus in life and to just pursue your goals regardless of what others are saying. Be true to yourself, ignore distractions or anything that will take you away from your passions. Just be STILL, everything will come. Solve one problem at a time. Always listen to yourself. Stop asking people, stop looking for validation everywhere and anywhere, just go for it! You are enough as you are!!! Remember to give and help others, share your ideas with others, be there for others.- Obie A.

10. We all need to take a break sometime. We need to take a vacation from the grind of life and walk barefoot on the beaches and just BE. I had a disability that forced me to take a break from work for 8 months. I traveled to Fiji, Greece and Italy. What a brand new way to see life and experience the world. I learnt that living is beyond just paying bills and daily chores….We all owe it to ourselves to LIVE.-Rebecca N.

So perhaps, you didn’t start out reading this, thinking 2011 was an awesome year. Maybe like most of us, you focused only on your shortcomings, negative events and the goals that were not achieved during the year. I hope that in going through the  list above, some of it resonates with you and that you slowly discover and absorb the hidden gems and nuggets of positive occurrences that permeated 2011.

This I know for sure-even in the midst of life’s difficult storms, there is ALWAYS something beautiful and wonderful to be grateful for: good health, a family that cares about you,  great friends that are always there for you, a fulfilling career, a passionate cause, the joy of creativity, the gift of love, a creator that loves you unconditionally…., And even if some of these things are not yet manifested in your life, you should see them as things to look forward to in 2012 or in the near future.

And in the words of the phenomenal Jacqueline C. Roberts of  “Just Choose Results” , ‘do not be afraid to take a step, try something new, follow your passions, seize the moments and explore the opportunities that come your way everyday. Just Go For It’!!!

This is our message to and for you: Make this your year of courage and opportunities. You must plant seeds of courage through your everyday actions/choices, in order to enjoy and reap the fruits/benefits. Co-create the opportunities you desire in your life.

So ladies, enjoy the rest of the year and have an amazing and courageous new year!!

Love, Light & Truth!

❤ Cyber-hugs, Jules


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

On behalf of the

Whole Woman Network Team