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Personal Growth and Leadership Development with Kim Redman (PhD).

“Your ‘self-talk’ gradually becomes a permanent part of your life’s ‘Hard Drive’. Your self-talk is very important because it becomes your pre-determined way of looking at life (your paradigm). Negative self-talks are like dangerous viruses in your life, and a simple ‘delete’ key will not be adequate to fix the malfunction. You may have to erase, reformat or completely change your Hard-Drive.”

~Whole Woman Network~ (Excerpt from WWN’s Life Transformation Program: ’90 Days to a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier You’)


A few weeks ago, I participated in a workshop hosted by Gerry Roberts, International bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset, and facilitated by Coach extraordinaire Kim Redman (PhD), the only Board Certified Master NLP Trainer in Canada. Kim

I must admit that the only reasons I attended (reluctantly too), were because: i. I was inundated with so many emails and ii. I was in between clients and needed a time filler!

Three hours later, after listening to both Gerry and Kim, I was so glad I attended.  I am really grateful to have been a part of that experience. A lot of the thoughts shared were not new ideas  but they presented them with such fresh insights and most importantly, they provided a compelling call to action.

Here’s my condensed interpretation of some interesting nuggets shared by Mr Roberts and Ms Redman:

1. Most people are lacking in many areas of their lives because they simply do NOT know what they are seeking;

2. Success often eludes us because we focus on the fruits and not the roots. For instance, true wealth begins only when we realize that money is not tangible rather it is an energy, it is a concept. So, we do not want money rather what money can do for us;

3. Time is a unique commodity: you cannot save it, trade it or buy it. It can only be leveraged and spent, so spend wisely;

4. In today’s empathy-driven economy, people do not care about what you do. They are more interested in why you do it. In the words of John C. Maxwell: ‘People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care’. Learn to connect passionately/meaningfully with people in order to have sustainable personal and professional relationships. Connect from the heart first, always;

5. No amount of knowledge is enough to get you fully confident now. To have mastery and expertise, you have to do new things often enough. (Formula for Confidence=Consistency over Time). This is the time for experiential learning (you do not just read about it but you go through it);

6. Sometimes you just have to scream because your brain  needs the oxygen. Learn to unwind and revive your body, mind, soul and spirit;

7. Stop thinking that the big deal is listening to great speakers or attending events. The big deal is taking action, it is actually going out there and doing something;

8. You may need to radically change your life to get where you want to go;

9. Embrace fear because it never goes away. Let your mission be to always act in spite of the cobra of fear;

10. Leadership is not so much about being as it is about doing. Leadership is an evolving set of skill-set. It is your responsibility to find out what you need and to go out and get them. Lead yourself first because you are the Light-House;

11. Sitting on the fence of life will never take you anywhere. Do you want to be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy? Then decide, choose and design the life you want. Unless you decide, you will never believe because every belief you have, you had to decide to belief first;

12. There is an intersection between Quantum Physics and Faith: ‘All possibilities exist in the eternal.’-Mark 9:23

13. Take action towards the life of your dreams. Small steps everyday generate momentum. Do something 3 times/day it becomes a pattern or routine; Repeat it daily for one month and it becomes a habit; Do it 1000 times and it becomes indelible (It sets in a program in your subconscious and you do it without thinking);

14. In the dimension of time, 3 am is the hour of completion of the unconscious mind. If you are consistently up at 3 am, then there may be an unresolved conflict;

15. When people share ideas that are bigger than your mind can comprehend, do you fight them, ridicule them or ignore them? Be wary of someone who would summarily dismiss an idea for no reason;

16. Learn to monetize your experiences and your pains. Our greatest learning is often not gained from successes but from failures;

17. Excellence is a  habit. It is not genetic. It is what you repeat everyday until it becomes second nature. How you do one thing is how you do all things;

18. Other people’s opinion of you should not be your business. Never mind what others are telling you, what is most important is what you are telling yourself. Since you are already telling yourself stories, you may as well tell good stories;

19. Your ‘self-talk’ is very important because it becomes your pre-determined way of looking at life (your paradigm);

20. Your conscious mind is the ‘goal-setter’ while you unconscious mind is the ‘go-getter’. Your unconscious mind is the equivalent of a 5-7 year old. It is a realm where everything is possible.


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