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Who Are the Banker Ladies of Canada?

Culled From The Toronto Star (accessed on February 22, 2023 at 6:05 pm EST)

Responsible Investing Podcast shines a spotlight on #ROSCA – Rotating Savings and Credit Association as a stellar example of a social finance model.

Guest: Andria Barrett of the Banker Ladies Council of Canada

Topic: Who are the Banker Ladies of Canada?

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Guest: Andria Barrett

Canada’s institutional banking system has been traditionally difficult to navigate for new immigrants to the country, leading many to utilize an informal, women-led savings collective based on the principle of mutual aid. Known as a “partner” in Jamaican culture, a “susu” in the Ghanaian community or a “hagbad” in Somali, a rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA) fosters a sense of community in many immigrant groups and opens doors to funding frequently not available elsewhere.

In this episode of Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy,” host Tim Nash speaks with Andria Barrett, a consultant and speaker at The Diversity Agency, and former president of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, about how ROSCAs work and why they’re spreading beyond immigrant networks. More information at The ROSCA Federation.

Learn more about ROSCAs Here.