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#CelebratingWomenWhoDare – Obie Agusiegbe, CEO EnvironFocus Incorporated.

mj4sxduo“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” ~Maya Angelou

WWN™ #CelebratingWomenWhoDare series is excited to profile Obie Agusiegbe, –a dynamic member of Whole WoMan Network. A woman who has blazed a trail in environmental sustainability, waste management and community service.

Obie Agusiegbe is the Chief Executive Officer of EnvironFocus Incorporated.
EnvironFocus Show and Tell” events in the Toronto area are must attend showcases, linking industry practitioners and members of their communities. They are interesting hubs with an eclectic mix of spoken-word/poetry performances, innovative products & services, engaging speakers with unique perspectives on diverse issues and in the past, some events have had finger-licking, healthy Nigerian foods (courtesy of Suya Paradise Catering & Events)!

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EnvironBuzz MarketPlace – Shop Green!


EnvironBuzz Marketplace is an EnvironFocus Initiative run by Obie Agusiegbe, a member of the WWN Community. She created the online store to promote green vendors and their products. Featured product include LifeStraw Go With 2 – Stage Filtration and the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter shown below. To see more green products visit here.


LifeStraw Go With 2 – Stage Filtration

LifeStraw Go With 2 – Stage Filtration: The award winning LifeStraw water filter has now been incorporated into a sports bottle to give users access to safe drinking water even when there is no water source nearby. See product here.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw personal water filter:  “Best Invention of the Year” (Time magazine) winner, enables users to drink water safely from most contaminated water sources. See more about product here

To read more about EnvironFocus and what they do go to http://www.environfocus.com. Also visit their blog at http://www.environfocus.com/environbuzz/. Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area? Attend the much talked about “EnvironFocus Show and Tell” event taking place at the Living Art Centre from 12-6pm on April 29, 2017. Venue: 4141 Living Arts Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 4B8, Canada. For more information on the event click here .


Events in November [week 4]: Info Session by Mike Nevin – Small to Mid-scale Composting on 1 Acre or Less

The event below is an EnvironBuzz initiative:

Mike Nevin,  Compost Facilitator at FoodShare Toronto has many years of experience educating people about how to reduce their carbon footprint through composting.

This information session is a preview of Mike’s presentation at the Guelph Organic Conference coming up in January 2012 at Guelph University.  The presentation will focus on the 5 factors that lead to a successful small to mid-scale composting.  The factors include:

a) Feedstock and inputs

b) Bulking agents,

c) Air/oxygen,

d) Moisture

e) Time & labor available

He will talk about process adaptation to accommodate whatever inputs you have; common challenges and solutions; Carbon to Nitrogen ratios of commonly available materials and answer any questions you might have.  There will be a discussion forum after the presentation to get audience feedback.

In addition to the information session, there will be a tour of Foodshare’s composting site, greenhouse and worm composting project. A bag of compost and a book : Wayne Robert’s “Get a life” will be given to the first 8 members that register to attend.

Event Details:

Date: Friday, December 2, 2011, 10:00 am

Location: FoodShare

90 Croatia Street , Toronto, ON (map)

For more event details about the event and for future events hosted by EnvironBuzz, click here.


EnvironBuzz is open to everyone interested in environmental and sustainability issues.