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Week 29| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: Follow Your Heart….And Remember To Take Your Head With You

Follow your heaRT“Follow your heart always, and remember to take your head along with you.” ~Alfred Adler

Heart and Head can be integrated for wholeness. Every part works in a synchronized pattern.

For the heart is all fiery passion, saying Go! Go! Go! Speak! Speak! Speak! Do! Do! Do! And the head is all reason, with a keen understanding of the power of timing and seasons.

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Postcards From Africa! #1. Weaving the ‘Basket’ of our Future…

Juliet 0A lot of Africans in the diaspora, scattered across the globe, seem to share one thing in common: the older we get, the more we want to go back home (or so it seems to be for those in my circle).

(Either on regular visits or to live there permanently) and hopefully make a difference using the experiences, skill set and abilities we’ve garnered.

We all seem to share a deep connection to and love for the Motherland.

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Some Wise Nuggets You Learn at 40!:-)

A Year From Now“Give me the gift of responding to any situation with complete compassion. It’s human to respond to criticism by defending yourself. But give me the power to empathize with an insensitive driver, a disrespectful cashier, or a critical relative. That I’d instantly know what to say to de-escalate a tense situation and leave it with grace.” ~Brandi-Ann Uyemura~

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