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“Poetry, Violence and Women” by EAG Nigeria Scholar, Akanbi Halimah Abimbola.

Halimah Akanbi

Poetry, violence and women.

I often define “a poet” as one whose personal emotions, perceptions of happenings around them and conjectures of ideas and myriad emotions, are artistically woven into words, which are then graciously offered to the world. The world is at liberty to interpret it, how it deems fit.

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Postcards From Africa #4: International Women’s Day – Celebrating African Women Leaders and Influencers


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A few years ago, in my research into Nigerian/African women leaders, someone caught my eye. A poet, erudite scholar and teacher, who advocated nomadic education and empowerment for women as far back as the 13th century.


Her name is Nana Asma’u (the daughter of Usman dan Fodio, founder of Sokoto Caliphate). Asma’u represents the education, influence and independence that is possible for women across all faith and remains a model for African feminists till date.


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