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#PostcardsFromAfrica: BREAKING NEWS – President Buhari condemns killer-herdsmen attacks, to meet Enugu governor

I Stand With Enugu

– President Buhari condemns Fulani attacks, orders Nigerian army to go after the herdsmen

– The president will meet the governor of Enugu state to discuss current situation

President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to the recent upsurge in communal violence by suspected herdsmen, and has ordered the police and the military to “take all necessary action to stop the carnage”.

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Postcards From Africa #5: Celebrating a New President and Revisiting the Paradigm of Accountability.

Day 1 POST ELECTION: This movement is all about ‪#‎OfficeofTheCitizen‬



(Transformational. Ethical. Creative)

Leadership and Accountability





A huge congratulations to General Mohammed Buhari, (GMB), the newly elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am thankful for his tenacity, resilience and focus.

Since 1999, I have supported GMB because I see in him an exemplary leader who has the integrity, maturity, track record and discipline to tackle the major twin ills that plague Nigeria: i). Insecurity (crude terrorism) and ii). Cancerous corruption.

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