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#Poetry4ChangeAfrica | Acclaimed Nigerian Poet Niyi Osundare’s Poem Shines a Spotlight on Corruption

“My Lord, Tell Me Where To Keep Your Bribe?” By Niyi Osundare

[Originally published on Sahara Reporters on Oct 26, 2016 and culled from saharareporters.com]

A poem by the renowned Nigerian poet Niyi Osundare.


My Lord

   Please tell me where to keep your bribe?

Do I drop it in your venerable chambers

Or carry the heavy booty to your immaculate mansion

Shall I bury it in the capacious water tank

In your well laundered backyard

Or will it breathe better in the septic tank

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Postcards From Africa #16. What Somaliland Taught Me By Okey Ndibe

The following piece was originally published on Aug 11, 2015 and culled from Saharareporters.com. It is re-blogged here on the Whole WoMan Network platform, with permission from the writer, Okey Ndibe.

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Whether Americans or Africans, my friends reacted in much the same way when I disclosed I was headed for Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland, to participate in an international book festival.

“Somalia?” one friend asked, a look of deep concern on his face. “Why?”

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