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WEOC National Loan Program – Up to $50,000 offered through PARO

Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada is proud to deliver the WEOC National Loan Program, which will support women and non-binary entrepreneurs as they start, scale, grow and maintain their businesses.

It takes a different approach to setting you up for continued growth and success by providing robust wrap-around services to guide you through the process.

Visit PARO WEBSITE to learn more!

Whole Woman Network is a member of the PARO Women’s Enterprise Centre and PARO Peer-to-Peer Lending Circle. #SisterhoodSolidarity

Interested in learning more about joining the Whole Woman Network Peer-to-Peer Lending & Support Circle? Or our unique and innovative ROSCA+ model for building sustainable personal and community wealth? Or our culturally informed Financial Literacy & Resilience programs? Or our experiential and transformative Leadership & Communication certification programs?

Contact us: wholewomannetworkinc@gmail.com or attend an information session.