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Press Release: Richmond Hill Women’s Networking Association


Press Release

The founder of the Richmond Hill Women’s Networking Association, Josephine Vaccaro-Chang, has handed leadership of the Association over to Miss Angel Freedman, effective immediately. The Association has a strong membership and Miss Freedman looks forward to getting started. The first meeting of the year is on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the York Regional Police Station, Community Room, 171 Major Mackenzie Drive, Richmond Hill, ON.

Miss Freedman brings her expansive business experience, marketing skills, community engagement and social work background to the group.

Miss freedman looks forward to her new role as President of the Richmond Hill Women’s Networking Association, “Where York Region’s Business Women Gather in Richmond Hill.”

At this time we want to thank Josephine Vaccaro –Chang for making Richmond Hill a better place to live, work and play! We wish you great success in your future endeavours.

If you want to learn more about the Richmond Hill Women’s Networking Association and how to RSVP for this very important first meeting, please contact Miss Angel Freedman angelfreedman@rogers.com 905-780-8119.

Ten ‘work-life’ principles I learnt as an employee.

Long before I caught the exciting bug of Entrepreneurship, I was an employee. One of the very first jobs I held was a Management Trainee position at Honeywell Group. As a fresh engineering graduate straight out of University, I was excited about the challenges ahead and the interesting projects I would be involved in.  And of course, the fantastic experiences and skills that I would gain in the process.

Fast forward to almost thirteen years later (2012), and I realize that the most important things I remember from my first job are not projects or bonuses or awards, rather, the coaching I received from my professional mentor at the time-the wonderful catalyst of trans-formative change: Mr Alex Taiwo, Human Capital Advisor.                                                                                                            
These are the ten principles he espoused:

1. Be clear on what your values and principles are. Form habits in consonance with your core. Clarity makes for better choices in seemingly challenging situations and gives you a sense of direction;

2. An authentic  and curious spirit that encompasses self-leadership, respect for others, collaboration, accountability, responsibility and drive towards a common goal as key to productivity, creativity and long-term profitability;

3. Never join a clique or group. BE a team player. You owe it to yourself to be a loyal and goal driven employee and not a high school student. Create benign structures that support productivity and cohesion within teams and leave the drama at the entrance gate;

4. Avoid discussions on race, politics, sexual orientation, wages, bonuses and commissions with colleagues. If you need any clarification on these matters, ask the appropriate HR personnel;

5. Sincerity and Humility are never old fashioned; they will serve you well both at work and in life. Do not play the compare and contrast game; No individual is better than the team, notwithstanding his/her vast skill-set or experience. Everyone has an important role to play, respect all;

6. Understand the culture and values of the companies you work for. Know also that culture evolves but the underlying values may remain the same;

7. Do not gossip about others. If you must gossip, always play the ‘reverse gossip game’: saying as many wonderful things as you can behind someone’s back! Learn to shake things off, never take things personal;

8. Priorities and synergies change, new power blocks are constantly emerging. Be good and fair to everyone, from Founder or CEO to Gate-man or Janitor. Put your best foot forward, always;

9. Develop your problem-solving skills. Be the ‘go to’ person for solutions and become a value provider. Talk well but  learn to listen better. Be the one who gets the job done and not the one who gets all the praise. Do not make yourself a conflict generator or ‘crap magnet’;

10. Be a mentor to others because in coaching others, we learn new perspectives and allow ourselves to be guided too (reverse-mentoring)!

The preceding is a guest post from Juliet Ume, MBA –Wealth Management Consultant & Lifestyle Coach at Whole Woman Network. This is a post from the YRSBiz Blogging Circle. The York Region Small Business Club helps small businesses in York Region connect online and in York Region. Their goal is to provide free or low-cost opportunities for local businesses to connect and engage with each other and ultimately to help small businesses succeed.

I Hereby Pronounce You Business Owner and Entrepreneur!

How long did it take you to fully commit to being an entrepreneur?  Did you take one giant leap, or did it take ten tiny ones before you were able to dedicate all of your efforts to your business?

I went through many steps to get to where I am today.  I started my business before I got pregnant.  I wanted something to do on the side.  I worked on it through maternity leave and afterwards, worked in my career and my business at the same time.  I obviously couldn’t manage both, so I left my great paying regular full time job for a part time job so that ‘just in case’ something went wrong I would have something to fall back on.

It wasn’t until I fully committed to entrepreneurship that doors really started to open and opportunities presented themselves.  There was always a reason to not do something because I wasn’t 100% committed to the business.  Now that I am, things are flourishing. 

I came across a quote recently that really made a lot of sense to me.  I’m not usually one for long quotes, but this one rings true for entrepreneurship.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. ”  ~ Goethe ~

I had to read it two or three times to really let it sink in. If you’re going to expend only half your energy in starting your business, then you’re not fully committed and you’re only going to get half the results.

It’s scary to fully commit.  It took me a while to make the full leap.  I wish I could have fully committed sooner as I know I would have seen the results sooner and I’d be a year ahead of where I am now.   But everything happens for a reason and I needed the security and I needed to build my confidence that I was making the right decision for myself and my family.

We are our worst critic.  We fill our heads with self-doubt and believe things that are really not true.  That little voice in our head that makes us hesitate and draw back so that we can’t let ourselves succeed can be deafening.

This quote isn’t just applicable to starting a business, but to any new idea or opportunity that presents itself.

What project are you waiting to start because you aren’t sure of the outcome?  There are no guarantees in life, or business.  Only calculated risks.  Do your homework to make sure risks are minimal and then take the leap.  Otherwise, you’ll only ever be where you are.


The preceding is a guest post from Sandra Eamor, Business Optimization Consultant at Seamor Consulting. This is a post from the YRSBiz Blogging Circle.  The York Region Small Business Club helps small businesses in York Region connect online and in York Region.  Their goal is to provide free or low-cost opportunities for local businesses to connect and engage with each other and ultimately to help small businesses succeed. 

10 Ways To Overcome Stress

Are you among the 95% of the population living under stress? Then, this is a ‘MUST’ read! The following post was written by the dynamic Patricia Grace Tomasi, as part of a Guest Blogging circle created by the York Region Small Business Club. The YRSBiz helps small businesses in York Region connect. Their goal is to provide free or low-cost opportunities for local businesses to connect and engage with each other and ultimately to help small businesses succeed.


10 ways to overcome stress

Stress (journal)

1. Meditation

This is by the far the best way to overcome stress. Find five minutes out of your day to sit still, close your eyes, tune out the world, and tune in. It may be difficult at first because we’re used to running a million thoughts in our head, but like anything, it takes practice, so give it a chance and soon you’ll become a much a calmer person. You can also use tools to enhance your meditation experience such as music, candles, or incense. I can definitely help you begin a meditation practice.

2. Self Care

In order to love others, you must love yourself first – that means treating yourself as you would your most amazing guest. Be a wonderful host to yourself, pamper yourself, take yourself out on dates, do things that make you happy – you must nourish your self in order to be the kind, loving, and wonderful person you want to be towards others. I love this quote by Paolo Coelho, author of The Alchemist and Aleph: “Sacrifice is not a virtue and joy is not a sin.”

3. Eat well

What we put in our bodies has a direct correlation with how we feel emotionally. If you’re eating a diet high in salt, sugar, and saturated fat, you’re only compounding your stress. Eat as clean as you can – fruits, veggies, and lots of clean water. Believe me, I know it’s hard – you’ve just gotta do it, fight your resistance – you’ll feel so much better in a very short time. And that includes taking high quality vitamins and supplements of which I recommend Usana, the highest ranked nutritional supplement company in the world partnered with Dr. Oz. Feel free to email me for more info and a 20% discount on all their products: outofthecosmiccloset@gmail.com

4. Exercise

It’s a no brainer – you’ve heard this time and time again – eat well, exercise… but we need a reminder because it’s the truth. If you don’t have time, just try to incorporate as much movement as you can into your day – take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the store, jog while watching TV, go out and pick all those dandelions! I’m a huge fan of yoga and I am also a yoga instructor so that’s my favourite type of exercise to do. Find something that gets you moving – take a salsa class if that’s what you like – just move.

5. Become self aware

If you really want to combat stress, you need to get to the source of it. There’s a great Tibetan belief that any time you encounter a difficult person or situation, you should look upon it as a great jewel and gift to you. Your stress is there to teach you something about yourself that needs changing. Where is the stress coming from? Try to dig through the layers by asking yourself “why is this so?” every time you think you’ve come up with the reason. Be willing to shine a light and bring awareness to what’s really going on. Gloria Steinem once said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” Hahaha, I love that quote and it’s so true. Be willing to work on yourself, evolve, and above all, be gentle with yourself in the process.

6. Be open to Divine guidance

Once you’re willing to get to the root of your troubles, be open to the signs around you, funny coincidences, repeated phrases or numbers – no matter what you believe, whether this is divine guidance for you or not, there could be a message in the sign if you’re willing to look at it a little closer.

7. Rediscover your passions

What did you like to do as a child? Did you like to draw? Perform? Bake? Or were you the little entrepreneur with the lemonade stand at the end of your driveway? In order for us to be truly happy, we need to find and rediscover our true passions and then start living them. This doesn’t mean you have to change your whole life around. It just means that if you enjoyed dancing, you could enroll in lessons once a week, or if you always wanted to be an actress, why not try out for a local community theatre play?

8. “Surround yourself with people who only lift you higher” – Oprah

This is so true but may not be achievable at the beginning of your quest to undue your stress, unless you’re super courageous, but if you’re like me, it takes time first to recognize who is actually bringing you down, why you’ve chosen to be around these people to begin with, and then what to do about it. Just know that the sooner you start to notice this, the quicker the universe already puts the wheels in motion to bring new people into your life that will definitely only lift you higher.

9. Find a cause

Find a cause that motivates you to help make a change in the world. Perhaps there is a charity which you always felt yourself drawn to or may have even volunteered for in the past. Make a commitment to devote some of your time to a worthy cause and give back to the community.

10. Relax, it’s only life.

Don’t take things so seriously. Laugh as much as you can! Play! When we’re adults, sometimes we forget to play and or we think we shouldn’t be wasting time on play when the opposite is true – PLAY PLAY PLAY! That’s where our true joy stems from, the most innocent part of who we are, our inner child that’s so excited about life and all its blessings!


Patricia Grace Tomasi is an Energy Therapist, certified in Reiki, Chakra Healing, and Life Coaching.
Visit her website at: www.outofthecosmiccloset.com 


Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

 Whole Woman Network

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