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WWNetworkAfrica™ Reflections – Personal Boundaries and Values.

“If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never find it. If you don’t know what you deserve, you’ll always settle for less. You will wander aimlessly, uncomfortably numb in your comfort zone, wondering how life has ended up here.” ― Rob Liano

Our values are our innermost, most unconscious guiding principles for being and doing. They are the barometers and standards of our behaviour (both in public and private); a self-judgment of what is important in day-to-day living.

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DAY 18: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

comfort 2Questions of the Day: Do you really know yourself? Do you live in constant awareness of how you’re changing and growing? Do you understand your strengths and use them in service of self and others? Do you have clarity on your weaknesses? Are you humble enough to surround yourself with people who complement your weaknesses and harness your  skills and talents?

Who are you teaching and who are you learning from? Life is a constant exchange of value, how are you exchanging energy and resources with others? Do you realize that in order to give and receive, you must be constantly growing? Are you choosing to be stagnant or are you boldly creating your own flow?

WWN Reflection DAY 18: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

Today’s reflective focus is on PERSONAL GROWTH. The choice to learn and grow each day is a path that leads to wholeness and joy. You are able to impact, influence, change and inspire yourself and others around you, when you make yourself open to life-long learning, growing and exploring.

oprahImagine for a moment that a curious child who is 10 years, who has always been creative, open and had always sought knowledge, suddenly wakes up one day and declares: ‘I am smart and wise enough!’

And then shuts himself off from the world, refuses to learn new things, to grow, to ask question and chooses to only live the rest of his life based on the knowledge he’s acquired in life up until that age 10. Think of how limited, colourless and stunted that child’s life will become.

And yet this is exactly how some of us approach life. This is exactly how colourless, stunted and limited our lives become when we shut off our learning buds and creative cells and refuse to be open to new ideas, perspectives, ways of doing business, and new approaches to living.

Personal growth and development is a journey to expand our awareness and live out the knowledge we have gained. It is the ability to transit from intellectual ‘knowing’ to experiential living. You cannot continue to be the person you are now if you want to become the you of your dreams.

InspirationYou alone are responsible for your growth. You alone must take control of your growth and progress. You must be accountable to yourself in the use of your God-given unique talents, abilities, skills and resources. You get to choose what your journey would be and how it all plays out. Inspire and motivate yourself to achieve your own growth. It is your life after all!

The quality of your relationships will often reflect your journey and your growth. Who and what you surround yourself with matter a lot. Begin to show a deeper level of awareness in your life, business and community. Have clarity on your personal/career/business/life goals. Know why certain people are in your life, what role(s) certain events and situations play in your overall purpose. Know why you go where you go, know what you say and understand why you say it. Meaningless conversations, events or situations that offer you nothing but negativity are a waste of your resources.

Reflect on the different areas of the sphere of life and take action in all of them. (Focus more attention on the area that gives you the most pain). Feed each area and grow in each area. The moment we are out of balance in one area, it begins to affect all the other areas negatively.  So pay more attention to people, places, situations and things that drain or deplete you. And know what replenishes, re-charges and rejuvenates you. Know your source and your re-source. Know when to re-fuel and when to discharge. Know who you are and whose you are!

Have a dedicated budget and allocate resources to your growth. Water the gardens of your mind. Sow seeds of creativity, knowledge and be open to new ideas and perspectives. We grow through various means: The books we read, the movies/tv shows/plays we watch, the music we listen to, the games we play, the people we meet, the events we attend, the places we travel to, the conversations we have and how we work and worship. We grow in noisy, busy ‘crowds’ and we also grow alone, in our silence. Everything depends on how you choose to exchange energy both with yourself and with the universe.

One of the true tests of growth is the ability to revisit a past painful/challenging event and see new perspectives, interpretations and outcomes. Growth gives us options and choices. It allows us to acquire wisdom and thus develop an eagle eye on events and situations. Growth fosters behavioural flexibility. Real growth is maturity, a deepening of our understanding of our connectedness and relationships. It leads to more empathy, acceptance, forgiveness and expansion of our model of the world.

Growth is a beautiful dynamic process, it is not static. It may not always be easy but it is always fulfilling. Grow in the direction of your light and purpose. Growth has different seasons Pay attention to your seasons: farming, fasting, sacrificing, healing, tilling, sowing, watering, weeding, harvesting, gathering, feasting, sharing and glorifying. You are unique so also are your seasons. Avoid the compare and contrast game. It is at the root of all discontent, greed, and unhappiness. Growth will gift you with the spirit of contentment and gratitude.

“CONTENTMENT is what transforms your ‘hut’ into a beautiful mansion. A house is a house, it is your ENERGY that transforms it into a HOME. Build homes based on foundation of love, forgiveness, warmth, acceptance, peace and joy! The outside world can be hellish sometimes, so it is important to create your own safe haven of glory. You carry your HEAVEN with you where ever you go. Contentment means that you know and live your truth.

You are enough. You have enough. And you have the unique talent and ability to create more whenever you really need and want it. All you have to do is DECIDE and then take ACTION congruent with your decision. Growth leads to empowerment. Empowered individuals create empowered homes, families and workplaces, these in turn create empowered communities and societies. We can build the society of our dreams and it all starts with YOU!” ~Excerpt from the upcoming book: ‘UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership’~

Take ACTION and choose to grow!  Take risks, step out of your ‘grey zone’, there’s nothing comfortable about it! Learn something new each day. Try something different. Take a little step each day. Do better and differently tomorrow that you did today. Otherwise, of what use is tomorrow? Embrace growth and become open to the amazing opportunities and interesting people all around you. Remember to celebrate your journey!

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-Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, MBA

Poet | Master-Certified Leadership Coach-Trainer -Consultant|

~Take empowered ACTION towards a Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier YOU!~


Blogger Bio:

FB PIC High RezThe preceding is a guest post from Juliet Ume, MBA –Co-Founder and Executive Director at Whole Woman Network. Juliet is the author of the upcoming books: “UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership”  and “Today, I Will Not Bow”.  A self-described Life-Connoisseur, who loves life and the whole human experience, Juliet was nicknamed a ‘reminderist’,  [one who reminds us of that which we already know; that we are not fractured or broken and NOW is the perfect time to replace that fallacy with a new, beautiful truth: we are worthy, empowered, complete, whole creatures and our life journey is to return to wholeness]!

Her message is simply: “To use the power of written-spoken-sung WORDS to connect, heal, empower, change and transform our inner and outer worlds. Words have power in the meaning and interpretation we choose to give them and all of life is synchronistic poetry in motion! Are you telling empowering stories about yourself and others?” 

She is a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Leadership, Investment & Financial Literacy for women and youth (especially girls). Her mission is simply to engage, educate and empower women, regardless of their levels of income or background, to return to ‘wholeness’ and live Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier Lives using Faith-based, Scientific and Universal (Common-Sense) principles! Follow her on Twitter: @wholewomaninc, @julietumeinc. Enjoy some of her portfolio of poems on her Floetry Blog and follow her daily reflective posts on Facebook.

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DAY 16: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

BeautifulQuestions of the day: Everyday you wake up, ask yourself these very simple questions-“How do I become the story I want told?”, “What must I do today to BE the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming?”, “How do I become the person who accomplishes my goals?”, “If I had only today, how will I live today to reflect my gratitude and appreciation for the gift and miracle of life?”, “How do I fulfil my purpose and serve my God and creator, myself, my family, colleagues, community, country, continent and planet?”

WWNetworkAfrica™ Reflection DAY 16: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

Today’s focus is on key reflective posts that I’d shared on WWN’s Facebook page over the last few weeks. They engaged our members and led to interesting conversations on our forums and weekly conference training calls/webinars. I hope that by reflecting on them and taking action, your life is better elevated, enriched and empowered! These posts are all excerpts from my upcoming book: UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership. Enjoy!

1. “Your purpose in life is not to ‘GET’, your purpose is simply to ‘GIVE’ and share your God-given talents, abilities and essence. Your life should reflect an integrated ‘value-exchange’ with the world around you.

In the pursuit of your purpose, there will be pain, mistakes and storms, that’s merely life happening. It is in these oscillating patterns of highs and lows that your character is formed. Pay particular attention to your ‘lows’, if you allow it, phenomenal growth happens during these periods. Life is not meant to be perfect.

Life is meant to be LIVED! Bask in the sacredness, mystery and beauty of life. Pay attention to your PAINS and MISTAKES, they exist and happen to teach you something very important to your purpose. If you are willing, patient and courageous to own them, embrace them and solve them, WISDOM shows up at the other end.”

2. “The beauty with love is that every time you open your heart to love, you also take the risk of getting your heart-broken, and you may experience agonizing hurt, disappointment and pain in the process. Love takes courage, that ability to share all that you are and also, the faith that you’re better off for having experienced it, regardless of the outcome. To live is to love, unconditionally. Love is freedom, it gives you fire to create, to share, to heal! May love always find you ready, open and willing!”

3. “It is amazing what incredible things begin to happen, as soon as you step out of the shadows into your light and actually SHOW UP and start living YOUR life and not someone else’s version of your life. Until we own our awesomeness and our crap, we run the danger of living a life of denial, anguish and pain. Suffering disintegrates in the face of acceptance and forgiveness. The moment we stop resisting and choose to start living, we unlock our hearts to the fullness of life all around us.

4. “Whatever you seek in your relationships, have clarity on what you want! Then, simply surround yourself with people who depict and live it. If you seek love, surround yourself with people who are IN love and LOVING to each other. Everything and everyone is energy! Their essence slowly rubs off on you. Monkey see, monkey do, so find the monkeys doing it the way(s) you aspire to and then learn from them!

Take the time to analyze all the relationships you’ve been surrounded by from childhood till now. Whether you believe it or not, they affected your perspective. You may need to UN-Learn certain traits, behaviours and characteristics. We’re like sponges, we soak up past experiences, consciously or unconsciously, and sometimes live it in our present lives, often, outside of our own awareness.

We are often predisposed to and soak up good or bad things in our culture, upbringing, education, religion, environment, career…Become more aware of the choices you make and the belief systems you hold. Ask yourself key questions. Develop a mindset that reflects who you are and what you value. Face and resolve your ‘stuff’ and your ‘crap’. Begin to replace undesirable behaviours and strategies with healthier ones. You can create the relationships of your dreams. Not perfect yet perfect for you! Take ACTION today!”

5. “Have the courage to succeed and also have the courage to fail. Have the courage to celebrate the highs and also embrace the lows. There’s duality in nature. Our lives follow  synchronistic patterns of mountains, plateaus and valleys. Your gratitude should flow and grow in ALL seasons.

EVERYTHING happens to move you in the direction of your purpose. Feel all your feelings. Accept the totality of who you are, ONLY then will your heart truly break open to ‘see’ others as a reflection of you and finally experience yourself as a true reflection of God!

Suffering ends when we stop fighting our reality and we begin to practice the beautiful principles of Surrendering, Allowing and Accepting that we are ENOUGH! We already have ENOUGH! And that we are WHOLE. The purpose of life, therefore, becomes the healing and transformational journey of ‘Returning to Wholeness’ and embracing who we always were and always will be: beloved children of a loving God, created to love and be loved, UNCONDITIONALLY!”

6. “A simple formula for getting what you want? Simply ASK! If that fails, try this instead: ASK AGAIN! (Not necessarily of the same person(s)). And do it with more preparation and reflection, a little better and wiser each time. Soon, that shut door will be opened.

Develop the skill-set of humble, purposeful, diligent and joyous ASKING irrespective of the outcome. Celebrate the truth that what you need will manifest exactly when it should and not a moment sooner or later. It is who we become in the process that is more important.”

7. “Little things can shift the trajectory of our lives. Do good! Look good! Feel good! Dare to ‘see’ yourself in a beautiful, brand new light. Enough of the ‘woe me’ stories, it is finally time to tell yourself and the world new ‘WOW me’ stories! You are the director of your life’s movie. If you don’t like what’s playing out in your reality, simply yell: “CUT!”

Then use the power of imagination, re-write the script and re-shoot. Every day is a new opportunity to play out the scenes you want. Give it your best shot today because you never know when the higher DIRECTOR will say “CUT” to your life! Everyday you wake up, is a day you may have died. Don’t waste your time. LIVE life to the fullest, all you really have is NOW!”

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The preceding is a guest post from Juliet ‘Kego, MBA –Poetess, Strategic Interventionist, Wealth Management, Development  & Leadership-Consultant at Whole Woman Network. Juliet is the author of the upcoming book: ‘UN-Locking Your HeArt of Leadership.” Her mission is to raise a new generation of Transformational, Ethical & Creative African Leaders.

She is an avid Life Connoisseur and a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Leadership & Human Potential Development, Investment & Financial Literacy for WoMen. Her mission is simply to engage, educate and empower WoMen & Youths, regardless of their levels of income or background, to return to ‘wholeness’ and live Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier, Daring & Meaningful Lives using Faith-based, Scientific and Universal (Common-Sense) principles! Follow her on Twitter: @julietkego