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Postcards from Africa #3. Cannon Fodder by Author Yejide Kilanko


In the wake of the postponement of Nigeria’s general elections, we bring you this thought-provoking piece by Nigerian-born author Yejide Kilanko (Daughters Who Walk this Path). Collectively, we co-create the society of our dreams (or nightmares). The era of sitting on the fence is over.

Let’s begin to revisit our beliefs and value system, hold both ourselves and our leaders accountable and thus, change the narrative. Enjoy Yejide’s piece below and be social: Read | Comment | Share | 🙂

Cyber-hugs, Juliet

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Book Launch: “Daughters who walk this path”

Congratulations to a member of our community; the talented Yejide Kilanko, on the successful publication of her first novel:

‘Daughters who walk this path’.

Her book is our recommended reading for April.  Get your copy today from Amazon or Indigo!! 

It is also available as an e-book: Click Here to purchase on Kindle

See below for details of the upcoming book launch: