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#WWNetworkAfrica™ Reflections | Success Tips from 20 ‘womEntrepreneurs’

Over the past few years, I’ve had a chance to interact and learn some valuable insights from successful womEntrepreneurs. I interviewed 20 womEntreprenurs and asked them to share their Key Success Factors. They all seem to have certain traits and habits in common. Some of these commonalities are listed below:

1. WomEntrepreneurs creatively solve problems or provide excellent solutions for people at a profit/for a pay. People derive a service, value/benefit from them;

2. They know exactly what their time is worth and use their time with a sense of priority, clarity and focus;

3. They all have an absolute belief in what they do and are clear on the fact that belief and doubt cannot co-exist side by side;

4. They are passionate and fired up about life and work/business because they understand that enthusiasm makes a huge difference. In their world there is no room for ‘lukewarm’-to be neither hot nor cold;

5. They understand the power of consistency because ‘practice makes permanent’ and they never quit unless they see that their actions do not align with the bigger picture;

6. They take time to develop their mentoring and coaching skills because a leader is only as good as her followers;

7  They understand that success at ANYTHING is a numbers/intensity/relationship game-‘double digits of activities a day, keeps the sales/commission checks on their way’;

8. They surround themselves with people who are better, smarter, wealthier and more spiritually centered than they are,because they understand that your financial and life genotype is a perfect hybrid of 5 people closest to you;

9. They reward/pay themselves each month; they respect their dreams and hard work and so are willing to put themselves in the equation-they know that in being whole they are better equipped to share their blessings with others;

10. They practice Self-Accountability because they know the most important product in their inventory is ‘Integrity’ and so always conduct all matters ethically and morally;

11. They treat all clients and employees as if they were about to lose them, with utmost respect, dignity and civility;

12.They have mastered the art of true communication-an ability to connect heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, mission-to-mission with another human being;

13. They know that synergy creates energy and so work collaboratively with appropriate teams to get things done;

14.They have mastered the art of transitioning from mere ‘selling’ to ‘positioning’;

15. They understand that they are co-creators of their own destiny and never play the blame game;

16. They have a clarity of thought on the fact that attitude changes everything and even if you can’t control your family/work/business environment, you CAN control your attitude;

17. They have a plan; it may be incomplete but it exists and they are flexible enough to adapt it as the variables in life change;

18. They are in touch with their purpose and will go the distance to achieve it;

19. They live fulfilling and integrated (not balanced) lives and devote a  huge part of their lives on building relationships and empowering others;

20. WomEntreprenurs lovingly and willingly use their skills and assets to bring people closer to the creator.

So, are you ready to stop living on the fence and take that leap to become your own success story?


Remember, you are not ordinary. YOU are divinely unique!

You are WOW! (Wonderful, One-of-a-kind, WoMan)

w(H)olistically yours,