About WWN

Raising and Empowering a New Generation of TRANSFORMATIONAL, RESILIENT, ETHICAL, ENTREPRENEURIAL, CREATIVE African WoMen & Youths Leaders!

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that is all who ever have.” -Margaret Mead
Whole Woman Network is a Canadian Social Enterprise providing Financial Literacy Training, Leadership and Business Consulting services to new Immigrants, with a focus on Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
We empower women-owned businesses by linking them to funding, resources & tools, supportive communities of technical subject matter experts, and access to supply chains, in order to effectively scale up their businesses, and expand their products and services to local and global markets.


To Our Dear Valued Partners, Collaborators, Donors and Members, Thank you for choosing to partner with us by joining Whole WoMan Network Africa (WWN™). Or perhaps, you are simply taking your time and exploring our unique platform. Either way, we welcome you to WWN community! We applaud you for taking this step. You are joining a phenomenal network of passionate, visionary TRANSFORMATIONAL, RESILIENT, ETHICAL, ENTREPRENEURIAL, CREATIVE African WoMen & Youth leaders, who have  made the commitment to take aligned, collaborative action steps, towards creating sustainable changes and development in their various careers, businesses and communities. When we founded Whole WoMan Network in 2010, we did not consciously set out to formally start an organization, rather, we sought to simply improve our personal and professional well-being and by extension enhance our families and immediate networks and communities. We have continued to build upon that initial lean tradition and philosophy, by empowering one leader at a time, through personal transformation. Over the years, as we evolved, one of our biggest dreams became to create and connect a network and community of visionaries, change-makers, dreamers, doers, creatives and bold women and youth leaders, all across Africa, (at home and in the diaspora), who commit towards transforming the status quo for the better. We believe that WoMen and Youths are at the heart of this on-going transformation and Africa’s challenges require home-grown solutions, that will also benefit the global stage. We welcome you to what promises to be an engaging, educating and empowering experience. We believe in integrating ‘bottom-up’, ‘lateral’ and ‘top-down’ approaches. Our programs emphasize the power and efficacy of focusing on organic growth; one individual, one idea, one project and one community, at a time. We believe in the power of ONE VOICE, ONE VILLAGE, whether it is in under-taking an advocacy initiative or in implementing a project. To us, every child, youth, or woman, represents the future of Africa. We believe in taking both small incremental steps and massive disruptive actions, implementing pilots and getting the necessary feedback so that solutions can be scaled up. And at the core of our philosophy are COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY. Through partnerships and an openness to new, boundless thinking, we believe we can effectively create a solid critical mass and scale progress exponentially. NOW is the perfect time to co-create the Africa of our dreams. TRANSFORMATIONAL, ETHICAL, CREATIVE LEADERS are the primary keys to unlocking the human potential needed to harness the opportunities and challenges of this current era; the 4th Industrial Revolution. We encourage Africans, at home and in the diaspora, to continue to collaborate and model best practices globally and within the continent, while creatively adapting solutions that align with our unique values, cultures, comparative advantages and terrains. Once again, thank you for taking action and we look forward to exchanging value with you, either as a volunteer, donor, registered community member, training participant, mentor or as a project partner. Remember to join our mailing list to get updates on WWN™ upcoming training programs, events and projects. Follow us on Twitter: @wwnetworkafrica P.S: Membership into WWN™ organization continues to be strictly by invitation. Also, take a moment to visit our WWN™ Website, for more information about our organization, our culture, opportunities for collaboration on various projects, advocacies and calendar of upcoming events and training courses. Love, Light & Truth! Warmest Regards, Diana Barikor Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido Co-Founders, Whole WoMan Network

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    • Maia, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your stories with such authenticity and gifting us all with new insights and understandings that it’s really okay to love and accept who were and are and will be. Juliet, co-founder, WWN


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