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Social Media NETiquette: 21 Tips, Strategies and Rules for Interacting Online!

Juliet-kego-ume-onyido_codes-of-netiquette_Red-goldThis week I’ll be sharing some tips and strategies on building healthy social media manners (Netiquette; Online etiquette).

Hopefully, these ‘rules’ of online engagement will help you navigate cyber-world without stepping on toes (read: getting banned, unfollowed, reported etc).

And also, they may enable you build meaningful, professional, respectful and even profitable relationships in your life and business.

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DECIDE to Forgive and Let Go!

Mandela#WWNReflection #Return2Wholeness #UNLockingYourHeArtofLeadership: How will your life be different if you DECIDED to let go of all that ‘STUFF’ you’ve been holding on to for weeks, months, years, decades…? What if you decided to sincerely OWN up and be responsible for your own part in creating the situation?

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Ladies, Top 10 Reasons why Walking is Good for You!!

One of the flagship programs of the Whole Woman Network is  ‘Healthy Steps: A Community Walking Club’. We all know the benefits of exercising regularly and we are also aware of the challenges women face with respect to the required resources:  creating the time, having the available funds for gym memberships, developing the willpower and most importantly maintaining the consistency of an exercise routine.

And so, when we decided to choose an activity to help our members develop and/or maintain good health, we wanted something that would neutralize their previous challenges and also be fun and engaging.

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