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Do more of these activities if you really want a ‘Happy’ New Year! :-)

The human body is as mysterious as it is interesting. It is one huge mass of chemical hormones, glands, enzymes and cells. A little imbalance in the chemistry of the body can lead to mood changes, loss of appetite, increased appetite, insomnia and even severe depression.

Thanks to advances in medical science and alternative healing, more light is being shed on the different ways to naturally enhance the body’s optimal state and performance without resorting to drugs.

If you want a ‘Happy’ New Year, it may be necessary to pay attention to the ‘Happy Hormones’ in your body. Two ‘mood-enhancing’ chemicals you should note are Serotonin/Melatonin and Endorphins.  Both of them play a huge role in controlling mood swings. Healthy-foods

Serotonin/Melatonin: These are neurotransmitters and control the functioning of the nervous system and thus regulate moods, sleeping and eating patterns.

Serotonin is produced during the day and Melatonin is produced at night. Severe Serotonin imbalances may make people more prone to depression.

Endorphins: These are hormones that work with the endocrine system. Often referred to as the ‘Happy Hormones’ According to Wikipedia,

Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food and orgasm. They resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being. Endorphins help control pain and work as “natural pain relievers.”

Some activities to boost your ‘Happy Hormones’:

1. Prayer and meditation: Whether in a group setting or in solitude, the healing powers of prayer and meditation cannot be over-emphasized. Happy hormones are released during worship, singing, chanting or meditative breathing.

2. Exercise: A good work-out releases Endorphins in the body. It creates a feeling of euphoria and sense of achievement. People who exercise regularly are healthier, feel sexier and are also wealthier (because they are more productive and/or creative). Overall, they feel great and have a good sense of well-being.

3. Passion Foods: Diet is very important as different foods affect the body positively or adversely. Happy hormones are released when you eat more dark chocolates, spicy foods and passion foods (foods that enhance sexual appetites) such as mangoes, avocado, almonds, raw oysters, celery, eggs and bananas.

[Check with your doctor(s) to find out what vitamins/supplements your body requires as you get older. Also, cut down on refined sugars and processed carbohydrates, especially if you are over 40 years old].

4. Dance: It’s finally time to sign up for that salsa class! However, any dance would do, it may be the waltz, hip-hop, afro-dance, jazz, tango or line dancing. As long as you’re shaking those hips and tapping those feet, your happy hormones will keep coming!

5. Sex: Foreplay, hand-holding, warm embraces, loving hugs, sexy word-play, ‘sexting’ and good old orgasm are great sources of happy hormones!

5. Reading: You cannot experience everything you wish to in life. That is why there are books. Read different genres, diverse authors and travel to places as you experience life while cuddled up on your comfortable couch.

6. Conversation: Have conscious, meaningful, deep, fun and illuminating conversations. Connect with people, learn to listen more and share. Be present.

7. Good Deeds: Find time and space in your life and heart to give back, volunteer, pay-it-forward. Expect nothing in return. Giving is its own reward.

8. Passion: That uncontrollable, consuming , over-the-top emotion? Yes! It’s a good thing to be passionate about life, people, hobbies, causes etc

9. Laughter: Smile more and choose to be happy. Practice positive self-talk and develop strong coping mechanisms to deal with stress and challenging situations. Feel sorrow and always have a good cry when you feel like it as it is a good way to de-stress and release happy hormones. However, do NOT fall into the trap of letting yourself to become drowned or paralyzed by your sorrow.

10. LOVE More! This is by far my favourite activity on the list. Fall in love, even if you’ve had your heart-broken in the past, choose to open up your heart and love unconditionally. Other kinds of platonic love also count-Agape love, Sibling love, Love from a deep friendship, Parental love etc. Choose love over hatred or indifference. Allow yourself the beauty of healing and the choice to experience that magical feeling. We are pure molecules of love (or at least that’s what I believe) 🙂

And so, since this is our innate state of being, the more connected we are to love, the more connected we are to God and with all of creation. This aligns all our intentions, creates a deepened sense of awareness and attention. And ultimately creates more joy and alignment between our desires & dreams in the formless world and the reality of their manifestation in the physical universe. Truth, Compassion, Empathy and Forgiveness are keys to fully experiencing love.

Remember, love is more beautiful when lived out as a verb, through our actions. Like I always say, in the conjugation of life’s verbs, TO DO is far more powerful than TO SAY. Calibrate your love through actions. We can all talk the talk, the differentiator is walking the walk!

So, in a nutshell, do more of these practical activities to ensure you have a very Happy New Year!

P.S: A quick suggestion, instead of new year resolutions, have sacred contracts with yourself. Find someone you trust to hold you to your promises to yourself. Think of your declarations, not as ‘resolution’ but as a DECISION to bridge your personal integrity gap.

Be realistic, honest and aware of your patterns of thoughts-words-actions. Congruence in small things allows new pathways of discipline to form for seemingly tougher decisions. Start small, and make incremental changes. Then, as your neurology becomes more developed, take the bigger leaps.

Live powerfully, passionately and purposefully!

Love, Light & Truth,

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
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